This year has been a challenge in so many ways. It’s time to treat ourselves and each other to some self-care and inspired, unique gifts! If you’re a woman who loves to travel, we rounded up the best ways to celebrate that global-mindedness, whether we’re on the road or at home. And we’re featuring tons of women-owned small businesses you can support!

One lucky winner received ALL of these gifts!

We reached out to each of these companies to say we wanted to include them in our gift guide…and they ALL agreed to include their item in a massive giveaway for one lucky winner.

One lucky person won all 24 items on this list, with a total value of over $1,700!

Even though you missed out this time, stay in touch with the Wanderful community and be the first to hear about our next giveaway:

1. βloc Solid Coffee Bar from Maps Coffee & Chocolate: $10.00

Small-batch coffee roasters and handmade chocolate makers Maps Coffee & Chocolate are changing your relationship with coffee and chocolate. βloc is a solid, micro-ground coffee bar. Eat it like chocolate, melt it in hot water, bake with it – the possibilities are endless. It’s made from scratch with their high-quality specialty coffee beans, cocoa butter, and turbinado, with no additives or preservatives.

βloc is the perfect solution for the traveler who wants quality coffee on the go. Take this specialty coffee bar with you on a walking tour or a hike, or melt in hot water for better coffee in your hotel room…or at 36,000 feet in the air! Enjoy your jolt knowing you’ve replaced your coffee pods with a plastic-free option.

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

βloc Solid Coffee Bar from Maps Coffee & Chocolate

2. Moon & Mountains Simply Lovely Facial Oil Wash: $12.00

WanderlustMoonDuo is the travel and joys-of-life blog created by Lindsey Bathke and Nik Sheasby, through their joint passion of living, travel, and the art of story sharing. Moon & Mountains is the natural facial oil product line that came from a desire to connect more deeply with self and the gifts we find in nature.

Moon & Mountains Simply Lovely Facial Oil Wash blends simple, natural oils with calming essential oils to aid in drawing out impurities from the skin, thus leaving your face more smooth and radiant. Without the use of harsh chemicals or scents found in an assortment of other facial products, this oil allows the woman to take a moment from the world buzzing around her; tapping into the gift of self-care.

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

Moon & Mountains Simply Lovely Facial Oil Wash

3-4. Sustainable Travel & Living HiBar Shampoo and Conditioner: $12.95 each + Bonus Russbe Reusable Bags ($7.99)

The team at Sustainable Travel & Living is passionate about travel – be it adventures at home, out on an errand, or off to see the world – and leaving a positive impact. With over 400 recycled, non-toxic, low-waste, social impact, and other sustainable products, you’ll be good to go for every day, every journey.

Founder Lauren Smith recently shared her tips for sustainable shopping to help every travel-lover this holiday season.

HiBar offers salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars, simply without the water and wasteful plastic containers of the liquid options. Just rub onto your hair for a surprising lather, rinse and repeat. These bars will last you, too — at minimum, as long as a 16oz bottle. Sustainably-minded travelers can carry their own long-lasting and liquid-free (easy security checks!) options.

The best way to transport these solid shampoo and conditioner bars is in a Russbe reusable bag. These are durable, reusable, and dishwasher-safe…so you can skip the single-use plastic bags!

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

Sustainable Travel & Living HiBar Shampoo and Conditioner

5. Beyond Guilt Trips by Dr. Anu Taranath: $17.00

In Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World, Dr. Anu Taranath shares personal travel stories and thought-provoking questions about identity, race, and difference, both at home and abroad. The book helps us better understand our complex and uncomfortable feelings so we can move through our communities and the world with more thoughtfulness, resilience, and belonging.  

Globally-minded women are always looking to connect more authentically with themselves and with others, so this book is an invitation to connect more deeply. Gift it to yourself or to a woman who travels!

You can also join our monthly Conscious Traveler Reading Club in January 2021 for a conversation around Beyond Guilt Trips, joined by the author herself.

Beyond Guilt Trips by Dr. Anu Taranath

6. Freedom Deodorant Travel Mini Trio: $17.99

Free Brands, the parent company of its flagship product, Freedom Deodorant, was born out of a time in the CEO’s life when three of her girlfriends were diagnosed with breast cancer in the same year. Ira Green was working as a top financial advisor at the time and turned her attention to building a business that would impact lives on a whole other level.

Their product line is all-natural, EWG-certified, aluminum-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and female-owned.

As avid travelers, the Freedom team has built the majority of its products for people wanting more out of their life. The Freedom Deodorant Travel Mini 3-Pack features (3) 15ml/.5oz mini deodorant sticks that give you protection on the go. The minis have TSA-approved packaging and have 50% less plastic than competitors.

Freedom deodorant mini travel trio

7. How To Move Abroad And Why It’s The Best Thing You’ll Do by Jessica Drucker: $17.99

Ready to ditch it all after this wild year? Jessica Drucker has you covered. She’s the author of How To Move Abroad And Why It’s The Best Thing You’ll Do, the complete guide to moving abroad, from all of the how-to details and step-by-step process, to the much more important understanding of your Why – why moving abroad is the best thing you’ll do.

Part memoir of a 15-year expat and digital nomad, this book will have female travelers nodding their heads throughout the book. In fact, you’ll see Wanderful’s Founder and CEO Beth Santos right on the cover, verbally nodding along! While some might be the more dry how-to details, much of this book touches on the emotional ups, downs, and “I told you so’s” that adventurous women who want to break the mold must always face.

How To Move Abroad And Why It's The Best Thing You'll Do by Jessica Drucker

8. Sun & Swell All the Favorites Snack Pack: $20.00

Sun & Swell grab-and-go snacks are the perfect snack to keep you fueled on the go! All of their snacks are organic, vegan, and made with only 100% real food ingredients.

These are perfect for throwing in your day bag as you wander a city and the ideal emergency snack for long flights. A woman-owned B-corp, Sun & Swell uses only organically-farmed and responsibly-sourced ingredients, and a portion of revenue is given back to environmental non-profits. Support businesses doing good for the planet and our bodies!

Sun & Swell snack pack

9. Traditional Hand-Knit Slipper Socks from Azerbaijani Women: From $20.00

Azerbaijani Socks was founded while Teresa Hamlin was living and teaching English in a tourist area in the mountains of Azerbaijan. She saw many women knitting beautiful slipper socks in traditional regional patterns, but they weren’t available for tourists to purchase. The women were mostly in their homes and didn’t have contact with tourists, and they also didn’t have access (or money to purchase ahead of time) high-quality yarn that could improve their products.

So Teresa started buying yarn and giving it to some women. It grew from that one area to 13 areas around the country. In many regions, the craft of slipper sock knitting had all but died. Now, with the prospect of earning money, younger women have learned this craft as well. There are 80 women currently involved in knitting and finishing the socks with suede.

These slippers are perfect for traveling! In many countries around the world, shoes are not welcome in the house. In order to keep your feet cozy and comfortable after you take off your shoes, just grab these compact slipper socks out of your purse and slip them on! Support women helping women right here.

Traditional Hand-Knit Slipper Socks from Azerbaijani Women

10. Mindful Journal for Global Souls: $22.00

Larissa Rolley is a photographer and travel professional based between Chicago & Tahiti, enhancing life through travel and creativity. She created this journal for global souls. Travel is about discovering the world and something new within ourselves, and the monarch butterfly on the cover is a symbol of the inner journey, the soul journey.

The monarch butterfly lives beyond maps and nations and reminds us of the butterfly wing effect: that our individual actions reverberate around the world. The journal has 48 pages of creamy white blank 70-lb acid-free paper to capture everything going on in your head and heart as you travel – be it words, sketches, or collages.

Mindful Journal for Global Souls

11. Your Travel Bucket List by Estee Gubbay: $22.00

In today’s pandemic world with travel curtailed, Your Travel Bucket List: The Ultimate Guide to Enrich Your Life with Great Adventures and Unforgettable Memories is a must-have book for planning future travel and dreaming of adventures to come. A combination travel guide, goal-planner, and self-development tool Your Travel Bucket List will spark your creativity through journaling prompts, quotes, conversation starters, stunning images and inspiring stories of other travelers.

A terrific gift book to give to the intrepid travelers in your life, this book is inspiring, easy to read, and has many great ideas and tips for any level of traveler. As it lays out a map to plan all your trips, it’s also a great precursor to typical destination guides and its beautiful pictures make it definitely coffee-table worthy!

Your Travel Bucket List by Estee Gubbay

12. El Guapo Craft Cocktail Gift Set: $22.00

Based out of New Orleans, El Guapo makes cocktail bitters, syrups, and mixers that are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, high fructose corn syrup free, zero proof, and vegetarian, too. El Guapo’s products are all responsibly sourced and sustainably packaged. To top it all off, El Guapo is run by Christa Cotton, a fierce advocate for women in hospitality.

The craft cocktail gift set is the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift. Enjoy five individually-portioned craft cocktail mixers all conveniently packaged in one beautiful box. Take your in-flight cocktail experience to new heights…the bottles are small enough to go through airport security, too! Buy it here for $22.00.

El Guapo craft cocktail set

13. Kushae Feminine Hygiene Travel Kit: $23.99

Created by a female OB/GYN breast cancer survivor and natural-medicine enthusiast, Kushae is made with all-natural ingredients and is the first and only OB/GYN formulated, feminine hygiene system that provides “natural care for down there”.

Planes, trains, or automobiles…whatever way you travel, sitting for long periods of time can leave you feeling “not so fresh” by the time you arrive! Stay fresh all the livelong day with all-natural, doctor-created Kushae. Buy the Travel Kit for $23.99 and you’ll find:

  • Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash
  • Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray
  • Natural Feminine Soothing Cream
Kushae Feminine Hygiene Travel Kit

14. Waypoint Goods City-Inspired Candle: $28.00

Waypoint Goods designs products that inspire your wanderlust with travel-inspired home decor for when you aren’t traveling…so we’re recommending a second product by this woman-owned small business! Bring the world into your home with their city-inspired candles that capture the essence of a place through scent. Close your eyes and breathe in to travel to Paris, Havana, or Denver. Shop their scents right here!

As travelers, we are always dreaming of faraway places. Ignite those memories with these gorgeous candles that are handmade in Denver with the highest quality eco-friendly soy and all-natural fragrances. The minimalist design complements and enhances your home decor with a sleek white glass jar and custom walnut coaster lid. A perfect gift for all of the travelers in your life… and of course, don’t forget yourself!

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

Waypoint Goods city-inspired candles: Paris scent

15. Quench n’ Go Pack for Eco-Conscious Travelers: $38.00

The two woman team at Quench Naturel are on a mission to save the world, one body at a time. They do this by choosing high-quality natural ingredients to produce body care products based on botanicals, for beautiful healthy results.

The Quench n’ Go Pack is the perfect companion for the health and eco-conscious traveler. There are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in this delicious kit. Included in this all-natural powerhouse you will find:

  • Pure & Simple Deodorant
  • Get Decadent Stick (skin hydrating bar)
  • Get Whipped Body Soufflé (light body cream)
  • Vegan Quench Lip Balm
  • Fresh Mouth Tooth Polish
  • Bamboo Toothbrush (fully biodegradable)

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

Quench & Go Travel Kit for Eco-Conscious Travelers

16. Waypoint Goods Infinity Travel Scarf: $40.00

Waypoint Goods is focused on designing and creating travel accessories that empower women to travel! As a woman-owned small business, travel is at the heart of everything they do.

This infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket is the fashion-forward way to safely and securely carry your essentials (passport, wallet, keys) while looking like a local instead of a tourist. These travel scarves allow you to know that your essentials are safe and secure in an unexpected accessory so you can stop worrying about pickpockets and get the most out of your travel experience. Shop city-inspired designs, female artist patterns, and solid colors for everyone on your list!

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

Waypoint Goods travel scarf

17. DryFoxCo Quick-Drying Towel Set: $49.95

DryFoxCo has reinvented the towel with compact travelers in mind making them lightweight, absorbent & quick drying. They’re made of the softest microfiber with the perfect size for covering your entire body. They also offer a pack size great for hiking and a washcloth size.

The XL towel is the ONLY towel on the market with a water-resistant pocket for securely concealing your valuables when out exploring, while still folding up small enough to carry in any daypack. These high-quality towels are economical and environmentally-smart. Made by solo female backpacker Samantha Peck, these towels are a must-have for all your future adventures. Get the towel set for $49.95.

DryFoxCo Quick-Drying Towel Set

18. Stranger’s Guide Magazine Subscription: From $75.00/year

Before there were guidebooks, 18th- and 19th-century authors wrote “stranger’s guides” — personal, eccentric and intimate portrayals of place. Stranger’s Guide is a modern version of that idea, a publication that reveals the intricacies of locales across the globe.

Co-founded by two women, Abby Rapoport and Kira Brunner Don, Stranger’s Guide offers captivating stories that bring the world to you. Whether you want to gain new perspectives on places you’ve already visited or explore new destinations at a time when travel is difficult, they’re committed to delivering stories that break down stereotypes and create global awareness. Their portrayals of place take you from “boulevards to back alleys” — exploring fashion and feminism, sports and social justice issues, cuisine and economic issues.

Centering on local voices, these beautiful guides offer a great way to gain a better understanding of people and cultures around the world. Gift a subscription to the globally-minded woman in your life.

Stranger’s Guide Magazine Subscription

19. A Global Sisterhood with Wanderful Membership! From $99.00/year

Give the gift of sisterhood. For a woman who travels, there’s nothing better than meeting like-minded soul sisters who understand your need to explore the world around you. Check out some of the benefits of Wanderful membership, like:

  • 24/7 access to an online platform where you can meet other traveling women and make travel buddies
  • Multiple weekly virtual events like workshops, happy hours, and more
  • Free access to chapter events in 50+ cities
  • VIP perks at global events
  • Access to our soon-to-launch global hosting network where you can find other women to meet and stay with on your next trip
  • Special deals and discounts

If this sounds like you – or like a woman in your life! – then give the gift of travel sisterhood. Become a member or purchase a gift card for someone else right here.

The Wanderful global community connects via virtual events, a members-only app, in-person events, and more. Views of Wanderful across all devices (TV, computer, phone, and tablet)

20-21. DELSEY Carry-On Luggage: CLAVEL & ST TROPEZ (Combined value $359.98)

Since 1946, iconic French luggage brand DELSEY has been creating pieces unmatched in design and innovation, enabling you to travel elegantly and confidently. We’re including two of their sleek collections: CLAVEL and ST TROPEZ. Both are stylish but also practical, secure, and durable for confident and seamless travel around the globe.

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

The CLAVEL Carry-On: $159.99

DELSEY’s lightest polypropylene ever, the CLAVEL model is extremely lightweight and durable, offering strength and maneuverability in an international carry-on size. CLAVEL’s major innovation is its lightness, allowing you to move confidently while staying trendy. CLAVEL was also the Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award – one of the world’s most renowned design competitions – for its elegant, high-quality, and user-friendly design. Take a look right here.

DELSEY luggage CLAVEL collection in orange

The ST TROPEZ Carry-On: $199.99

Travel in style without sacrificing functionality! With beautiful vegan leather trim and a subtly bold shell design, the St. Tropez luggage will help you travel securely and confidently. ST TROPEZ is also loaded with innovative features, but one of travelers’ favorites is the removable and washable lining. No worrying about spills or dirt inside your suitcase! Get all the details right here.

DELSEY luggage ST TROPEZ collection in blue with brown vegan leather trim

22. Corc Yoga’s Renew Mat: $175.00

A woman-owned brand on a mission, Corc Yoga produces the world’s only 100% cork mat, designed to impact your practice, not the environment. Non-slip, super sustainable, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free, the Renew Mat is the healthiest yoga mat on the market. All the mats are named after one of Corc Yoga’s favorite places in Portugal and each mat resembles the place with its pattern.

A “giving tree” of sorts, the cork oak is a deeply rooted symbol of sustainability, prosperity, and regeneration. Corc Yoga’s line of yoga mats and accessories allows the adventurer within each of us the ability to practice wherever we are.

Wanderful members only: Grab your special discount code here!

The Corc Yoga Renew Mat

23. ADORAtherapy Room Boost Gift Set: $225.00

Woman-owned ADORAtherapy goes beyond perfume to bring you natural fragrances for your moods. Their handmade aroma perfumes are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with the highest grade essential oils. No alcohol, no synthetics, or unhealthy chemicals.

The Room Boost collection combines stunning packaging and expertly formulated room and body sprays made with organic ingredients. Designed for home and on-the-go with room and travel-size options, the individual room sprays start at $20.00 or you can go big and get the gift set here. These versatile mists are a must-have for harmonious home, office, travel, and other personal spaces and a great alternative to diffusers and candles. Travel-sized and travel-ready, the 10ml Room Boost Collection is designed for women on-the-go!

Adoratherapy Room Boost Travel Spray
Photo credit @whatyacwhatyagt

24. Pack Up + Go Gift Card for Surprise Travel: $350

Pack Up + Go is a travel agency that plans curated getaways around the United States. The catch? Your destination is a surprise until the day you depart! This holiday season, give the joy of surprise travel with a Pack Up + Go gift card. Gift cards start at $100 and can be applied towards any Pack Up + Go trip!

A Pack Up + Go gift card is the perfect gift for any open-minded, adventure-loving woman! If you know someone who loves to travel but doesn’t have the time to plan, values new experiences, and has a spontaneous spirit, treat her to the stress-free experience of a surprise vacation.

Pack Up + Go was founded by Lillian Rafson and was a Bessie Awards 2020 Finalist for Travel Startup of the Year.

Pack Up + Go Gift Card for Surprise Travel

Support women-owned small businesses this holiday season

All but 2 of these companies are woman-owned. Go ahead and do some feel-good shopping:

  1. βloc Solid Coffee Bar from Maps Coffee & Chocolate: $10.00
  2. Moon & Mountains Simply Lovely Facial Oil Wash: $12.00
  3. Sustainable Travel & Living HiBar Shampoo: $12.95
  4. Sustainable Travel & Living HiBar Conditioner: $12.95 (+ Bonus Russbe Reusable Bags: $7.99)
  5. Beyond Guilt Trips by Dr. Anu Taranath: $17.00
  6. Freedom Deodorant Travel Mini Trio: $17.99
  7. How To Move Abroad And Why It’s The Best Thing You’ll Do by Jessica Drucker: $17.99
  8. Sun & Swell All the Favorites Snack Pack: $20.00
  9. Traditional Hand-Knit Slipper Socks from Azerbaijani Women: From $20.00
  10. Mindful Journal for Global Souls: $22.00
  11. Your Travel Bucket List by Estee Gubbay: $22.00
  12. El Guapo Craft Cocktail Gift Set: $22.00
  13. Kushae Feminine Hygiene Travel Kit: $23.99
  14. Waypoint Goods City-Inspired Candle: $28.00
  15. Quench n’ Go Pack for Eco-Conscious Travelers: $38.00
  16. Waypoint Goods Infinity Travel Scarf: $40.00
  17. DryFoxCo Quick-Drying Towel Set: $49.95
  18. Stranger’s Guide Magazine Subscription: From $75.00/year
  19. A Global Sisterhood with Wanderful Membership! From $99.00/year
  20. DELSEY CLAVEL Carry-On Luggage: $159.99
  21. DELSEY ST TROPEZ Carry-On Luggage: $199.99
  22. Corc Yoga’s Renew Mat: $175.00
  23. ADORAtherapy Room Boost Gift Set: $225.00
  24. Pack Up + Go Gift Card for Surprise Travel: $350

Stay in touch with Wanderful and you’ll be the first to know about our next giveaway!

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