Struggling to find that perfect gift for the travel-loving woman in your life?! Then you’ll love our 2021 Wanderful Gift Guide — we have done all the work for you!

This gift guide is full of perfect gifts for globally-minded women who are always on the go. Beyond the products themselves, we carefully selected women-owned businesses and organizations that are making a positive impact, so you can feel good about all your gifting!

Personally recommended and vetted by the global Wanderful community, with every budget in mind, get ready to add all 21 gifts in your shopping bag…and definitely treat yourself, too!

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1. Invisible Cities’ Women of the UK Card Game (£5.99 GBP)

Featuring women from all corners of the UK, this unique card game can be played by the whole family. Each card highlights a particular woman and her history, detailing why she is inspirational.

Cards include women from the past and present, recognized for their talents in fields such as sports, politics, literature, or activism. Famous women featured include Elsie Inglis, Jane Austen, Adele, and Ada Lovelace.

The aim of the game is to highlight each and every incredible woman, increasing awareness around their achievements while raising vital funds for Invisible Cities, a social enterprise run by Zakia Moulaoui.

2. Wanderfest Tickets (From $99 USD)

Join us on 12-13 March 2022 for the world’s first outdoor travel festival for women! Wanderfest celebrates, inspires, and connects women from all around the world who love to travel. Grab your friends and join us in New Orleans for Wanderfest!

Hundreds of travel lovers from around the world will join together for a weekend filled with inspiring speakers, live musical performances, a “celebrate women” global marketplace, excursions around town, parties, and more, all while building lifelong friendships.

With so much going on in this fun-filled weekend it’s not one to miss and a great gift for your favorite travel buddy.

3. Wanderful Membership Gift Certificates (From $299 USD)

Give the perfect gift to the travel-loving woman in your life: Wanderful membership!

When you become part of our Wanderful sisterhood, you get instant access to women around the world to meet up with on your next adventure, host you in their home, or give you solid travel tips and advice.

Plus, Wanderful members can attend daily online events to help feed that love of travel even when you’re not on the road.

A woman speaking on stage and people watching and recording her on their phone.

Find out more about our two membership tiers:

4. Living Hyphen Issue 2, Volume 1: Resistance Across Generations ($35.00 CAD)

Tell us the story of your ancestors, your lineage, and the blood that courses through your veins. Artists and writers from all across what we now know as “Canada” fill the pages of this issue with a resounding force of resistance, of a power that no institution or system could ever bestow upon a person or people.

Issue 2, Volume 1 of the Living Hyphen magazine brings you a collection of over sixty pieces of poetry, prose, photography, and visual art capturing a fierce expression of our resistance across generations, and all the ways in which we rise.

Use code WANDERFUL5 for $5 off and order a copy today!

5. KITSCH Travel Essentials

KITSCH is a self-financed, female-owned global accessory brand built on positivity and pure hard work. Cruelty-free and 100% vegan are just two of the endless list of reasons why this is such a great brand.

Committed to creating high-quality products that are effortless, elevated, and easy to use. From fashionable shower caps to minimal metal hair clips, KITSCH is evolving your everyday essentials.

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6. Local Purse: Live Virtual Shopping Around the World!

By merging live video shopping with cultural experiences in a personal way, Local Purse’s mission is to provide a sustainable way of supporting the travel industry that doesn’t require physical travel. 

You can now book onto these amazing experiences from learning the art of Slovenian porcelain making to a traditional Berber rug experience in Marrakech.

This is truly an inspired way to shop, learn about different cultures, and support hard-working communities!

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7. SHE CAN Wine by McBride Sisters (12-pack from $79.69 USD)

McBride Sisters has grown into the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States, also one of the most inclusive, accessible, socially aware, and sustainable. The McBride Sisters’ mission is to transform the industry, lead by example, and cultivate community, one delicious glass of wine at a time!

The premium wine and spritzers themselves are “fun, fab, and award-winning” that are here to remind you that SHE CAN do anything.

8. Tayvada Reuasble Bamboo Face Pads ($17.99 USD)

Tayvada creates products that help facilitate personal strength through empowerment, beauty through self-care, and a desire to lead a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Their reusable bamboo makeup remover pads are $17.99 USD at the moment and come as a set of 14! Get 7 grey fleece charcoal bamboo pads, 7 white terry bamboo pads, and 1 large mesh washing bag.

9. Tell Her She Can’t by Kelly Lewis ($14.99 USD)

Tell Her She Can’t: Inspiring Stories of Unstoppable Women is an inspirational non-fiction book comprised of the true stories of 35 women who overcame adversity to achieve “impossible” things — things other people said they “couldn’t” do.

10. Harlem Candle Company (From $45.00 USD)

A brand that oozes luxury! Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem.

The packaging is a gift in itself: bold and beautiful, it makes for a lovely decoration piece.

11. The ABC Travel Green Book by Martinique Lewis ($24.99 USD)

The number 1 resource for Black tourists globally! The ABC Travel Green Book helps travelers realize that people of the African Diaspora are everywhere.

This book can tell you things search engines can’t: Yes, there are Black people in Yemen. Yes, there are Black people in Turkey. Yes, the next time you take a trip to Quito, travel further up north and spend a day with the Afro-Ecuadorians also known as the Esmeraldas.

Want your hair braided in South Korea? The ABC Travel Green Book can help you. Are you interested in a Black history tour in Israel? The ABC Travel Green Book has you covered. 

This resource was created to celebrate Black culture and serve our communities. The ABC Travel Green Book connects the African Diaspora globally from A-Z.

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12. Waypoint Goods’ Limited Edition Travel Scarf ($40.00 USD)

Waypoint Goods have released this limited edition scarf just for travelers! With its use of eco-friendly bamboo and cotton, this scarf is super lightweight and is perfect for traveling in warmer climates. 

The splash of color and patterns makes a great gift for any of the perpetual travelers in your life!   

13. In Every Mirror She’s Black by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom (From $16.99 USD)

In Every Mirror She’s Black is a fast-paced, richly nuanced yet accessible contemporary novel that touches on important social issues of racism, classism, fetishization, and tokenism, and what it means to be a Black woman navigating a white-dominated society.

Told through the perspectives of three Black women a must-read for anyone who is looking for insight into what it means to be a Black woman in the world.

14. Return Trip Magazine ($20.00 CAD)

Return Trip is a travel magazine about getting out of your comfort zone and feeling your way through the world. Every year, they independently publish a collection of personal essays, stories, art, and photography about meaningful and transformative travel experiences.

In their latest issue, Return Trip explores what it means to feel “out of place” during your travels.

What does it mean to stand out while traveling? What does it mean to fit in? What privileges or discriminations are experienced as a result of being different, especially when navigating foreign places? How do those experiences shape your identity?

15. MAAARI Jewelry

Jewelry is always a great gift, but this is truly stunning and special!

All of MAAARI‘s jewelry is inspired by Philippine culture with a modern twist. All the products are as sustainable and ethical as they can be; through their platform MAAARI has created a space for artisans to share the stories behind their craft.

16. Erin Outdoors’ Print Shop

A truly wonderful gift to add to your shopping list, buy amazing quality photo prints and wall art from Erin Outdoors’ Print Shop!

Highlighting images from all over the globe, Erin recommends that you “choose something that takes you far away, or reminds you of something you’ve experienced yourself.”

17. Kahawa 1893 Coffee (From $16.93 USD)

Kahawa 1893 is empowering women through coffee! Drink your delicious coffee and know that Kahawa coffee beans positively impact the women farming them. Beans are sourced directly from female farmers in Kenya and Rwanda, supporting them financially and empowering them.

You can buy single bags, bundles, teas, different flavors, and they all come in such beautiful bright packaging you don’t even have to wrap them!

18. Adventure Calls 2022 Global Relocation Guide by Jessica Drucker ($37.99 USD)

Have you or someone you know been thinking about moving abroad but don’t know where to start? Adventure Calls 2022 Global Relocation Guide by Jessica Drucker covers EVERYTHING you will need to make the move.

This book is filled with information from specialists whose job it is to relocate anyone and everyone. The guide has already helped thousands of expats!

19. Diaspora Co (From $12.00 USD)

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook and explore fascinating flavors! Diaspora Co. sources South Asia’s freshest heirloom and single-origin spices, directly from their partner farms to bring you next-level flavor and fragrance.

From chillies to turmeric and cinnamon, they are building a better spice trade one delicious spice at a time.

20. Makku Korean Beer (16-pack from $56.00 USD)

If you’re imagining a traditional beer, think again. Pop open a cold Makku and experience a soft, creamy body with an addictive hint of sweetness.

Rice beer with a modern twist, it is all-natural, made with 100% Korean ingredients, unfiltered, and has 6% alcohol in it. Their four flavors include strawberry, mango, blueberry, and passionfruit. You can’t go wrong!

21. Wanderess: The Unearth Women Guide to Traveling Smart, Safe, and Solo by Nikki Vargas and Elise Fitzsimmons ($16.99 USD)

Feminism meets travel! Wanderess is an interactive resource for women who love to travel the world. Whether you’re a volunteer, explorer, foodie, solo traveler (or all of the above!), this book covers what you’ll need to have those life-changing experiences. From building up your travel wishlist, travel hacking, planning and packing for your trip, learning how to travel solo and so much more!

Wanderess also has invaluable advice from experts for specific communities; if you are a woman of color, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, or an expecting or new mom, there’s info that will make your travel smarter, safer, and smoother. 
Wanderess features advice and wisdom from experienced and well-respected travel experts and influencers including Wanderful’s very own Founder and CEO Beth Santos! Other fantastic contributions come from Annika Ziehen, Emmy Award winner and Wanderfest speaker Oneika Raymond, Brooke Saward, Kelly Lewis, Dani Heinrich, Esme Benjamin, Jessica Nabongo, and Bessie Award winner Evita Robinson. 

Wanderess will give you the tools you need to be prepared, aware, and ready to get the most out of every trip.

What are you gifting your travel-loving friends this year? Share them in the comments!

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