Are you ready for this festival season? Here are some tips to help you fully prepare!

Festival season is ripe and in full swing. You’ve got your tickets purchased. You’ve bought a million glow sticks for night time. And you’ve loaded up the car with your tent, sleeping bag and food for the weekend.

Now it’s time to hit the road! Take a moment to read these tips on how you can take the plunge, be safe and experience your festival season to the fullest!

Let the festivities begin!
Let the festivities begin!

1) Digital Detox

Festivals are a great time to leave your real life behind you for a few days. Taking pictures is one thing. But checking in at every performance you see, updating your facebook status and blog every few hours, tweeting, instagramming, snap chatting…etc., is another.

Try giving yourself a chance to truly experience the festival. Without your smart phone glued to your hand. I promise, Facebook will be there when you return.

2) Leave the party on the festival grounds

It’s important to travel safe and smart. The beauty of camping out at a weekend long festival is that no one has to drive. Chances are police officers are waiting at the exit for suspicious activity.

Be sure that everything on your car is in working order: lights, blinkers, etc. This is especially important if you are traveling a long distance for your festival!

Just a few kindred festival spirits
Just a few kindred festival spirits

3) Wookies, hippies and lot kids! Oh my!

Most people at music festivals are very likeminded–in that everyone is there for a fun time and good music. But it is always important to beware of people that might be trying to take advantage of you.

Don’t leave important items unattended. Travel in packs. Have a safety spot to meet at if anyone gets lost. Have a landmark to set your campsite apart from others.

4) Hydrate

If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous weather for your festival get away, be sure you have plenty of H2O on hand. Being out in the sun all day takes a huge tall on your energy level. Be sure to take lots of breaks during the day.

Apply SPF. Find a nice shady spot to take a nap. When the sun goes down, you will be ready for a long night of fun.

Partying all night looooong
Partying all night looooong

5) Healthy snacks

This goes hand-in-hand with hydration. Grab some fresh (or dried) fruit, veggies, hummus and other snacks that won’t leave you feeling sluggish or yucky.

Treat yourself to some of the yummy food vendors that might be available. Don’t over-do the corn dogs or fried dough–especially in the first few days. You want to keep yourself feeling strong throughout the weekend.

Most importantly: Have fun

Take in the sights and the feelings. Festival life is something not everyone gets to experience. It certainly changes you.

It can open your mind and leave you feeling excited about life! Personally, I like to save memoribilia–ticket stubs, flyers, pictures–for an awesome scrapbook of each concert or festival I’ve gone to. It’s a great way to capture memories and have something tangible that you can share with others.