Ready to find your new favorite travel product? These five women-owned brands are worth a peek!

When it comes to travel products, from suitcases to gadgets, there’s no lack of options. But conscious consumerism is taking a stand and women around the world are searching more than ever before for items that not only serve their travel needs, but support the missions and values they believe in — whether that’s how the travel products are made, what impact they have on the environment, or the stories of the people developing them.

While products made for women are drastically in the minority, even moreso are products made by women.

At the recent Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas, our team got to know some cool new travel products and brands run by women — and want to share some of them with you!

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Ms. Jetsetter: Eco Travel Bottles, Laundry Bags + Tech Organizers Designed With an Artist’s Touch

Laundry, liquid, and tech bags for travel from woman-owned Ms. Jetsetter
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Tracy McGhee’s Ms. Jetsetter line isn’t just about its amazing design — it’s also about high function for jetsetting women (and just about anyone). We love their eco travel bottles, which are compact, durable, refillable and TSA-approved bottles that can securely hold up to 3 oz of liquids. Plus, because of their flat and flexible shape, you can get every last bit of your shampoo, lotion, and other liquids out without leaving extra in the bottle.

The bottles come in a variety of designs, including our personal favorite, the Carnivale Collection. That collection is designed by Michigan-based abstract artist, Adera Brown. Other items in the collection include small, compact laundry bags, multi-purpose tech organizers, and more.


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Paume: Redefining hand care

Paume is a woman-owned skincare company
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After giving birth to her daughter, founder Amy Welsman discovered a problem. She wanted to keep her home germ-free but every sanitizer she came across was harsh on the skin, smelled awful, and was packaged in a cheap plastic bottle. She wanted a better solution that was friendlier on our skin and on the environment. That’s where Paume was born.

Paume creates amazing sanitizers and other products that smell fantastic and help — rather than hurt — the skin. Not only that but they’re thoughtfully packaged to minimize waste and come in travel-friendly sizes.

Kreya: Backpack-totes for your next business trip

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Maybe we’re getting old, but our backs are tired. Herein lies the classic problem: backpacks are great for our backs, but they’re usually not very classy. Totes tend to have the style factor that we’re looking for, but aren’t good for us. Where is the in-between?

Enter Kreya, a South Asian-, Woman-, and Sikh-owned business founded by Kulveen Sarna. The company creates beautiful luxurious bags that are both business-chic and travel-friendly. Plus, they give back: 10% of their profits are donated to organizations empowering women, children, and minorities.


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Save the Girls: Store your phones safely + flight breast cancer

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In one week, founder Tami Lange’s two daughters both destroyed their phones by accident — one through the washing machine, and the other was lost on a hike. One’s solution was to store her phone in her bra, even though she had breast cancer.

Tami created a stylish a functional phone holder. It takes many forms: crossbody purses, handbags, even messenger bags. All have a functional touchscreen window that’s both safe and fashionable so you can access your device without pulling it out. And the best part is, it’ll keep your phones on you while staying away from the boobs.

10% of all profits support breast cancer research.

Aruna: Athleisure that helps women find freedom

Aruna is an athleisure brand that helps women escape human trafficking and find freedom
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Perhaps one of our favorite brands discovered during the Travel Goods Show was Aruna, an athleisure brand with a strong purpose founded and run by wife-and-husband team April and Ryan Berg.

The Aruna products are stylish, in bold colors with thoughtfully designed pockets (like a yoga bag with holes for you to strategically insert your yoga mat, or a tote bag that instantly transforms into a backpack). They’re also out-of-this-world made for the reality of life. The materials are extremely durable with reinforced straps, and most everything is machine washable (winning!).

Not only do the products function right, but Aruna also operates a non-profit that gives back to women escaping human trafficking. The Aruna Project is a holistic program that offers transitional housing, counseling, and living wages which even includes retirement savings.

What are your favorite women-owned travel products? Share your favorites in the comments and let’s support more women-owned businesses!