Get ready for an exciting new season of the 85 Percent podcast featuring some remarkable travel stories of some of the world’s most well-traveled women.

Get ready for an exciting new season of the 85 Percent podcast! In Season 2, we’re kicking things up a notch by deep-diving into the favorite travel stories that were defining moments for some of our industry’s most remarkable women, featuring guests like award-winning author Nikki Vargas and Gen Z expert Gabby Beckford. Plus, we’ll be sharing YOUR real travel stories too — that’s right, straight from the mouths of our own listeners. Submit yours on our website, and it could be featured in an upcoming episode. Stay tuned for our first episodes dropping this September. Spread the word, subscribe, and get ready to be inspired.

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New for Listeners: Share Your Travel Story with the 85 Percent Podcast

At the end of each episode in Season 2, we’ll share a travel story from one of our listeners.

This should be a 2-minute recording of a moment that changed you during your travels. It may be something that surprised you, a funny or harrowing experience, or something else that gave you an important lesson about travel.

About 85 Percent

Women make 85% of travel decisions. So why are we not in 85% of travel stories?

85 Percent host and Wanderful founder Beth Santos

Ready for an audio adventure? Join Beth Santos, founder of leading women’s travel community, Wanderful, for an exciting, soul-stirring podcast that explores what it means to be a women traveling the world.

Through narrative storytelling intermingled with deep conversation, we’ll talk to some of travel’s most trailblazing women about their most impactful travel experiences and the lessons learned along the way, paving the way for a travel movement that represents all of us.

Check out episodes from our Pilot Season 1 and get ready for Season 2, coming out in September 2024!

Audio Transcript: Season 2 Trailer

Beth Santos [00:00:03]:

Hear that sound? That’s right. Nothing. The sound of beautiful, pure, and utter silence. It may seem to you like the sound of silence is, well, nothing at all, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But let me tell you something. It’s been a busy few months over here, and sometimes a moment of real quiet, well, it’s everything. While it’s quiet, I wanna take some time to give you a bit of a life update as well as some exciting new directions that we’re taking the 85 Percent podcast, our wonderful community, and more. But first, let me introduce you to a little bit of the reality of what my life actually sounds like these days.

Beth Santos [00:01:14]:

Yep. Pure and utter chaos. In January, I became a mom of 3 with the birth of my 3rd child, a baby boy named Beau. Everything they tell you about 3rd time parents, it’s true. We are much cooler about pretty much everything, and Beau is a really cool and calm baby too. It’s been a ton of fun introducing him to the world, though we’re pretty sure his big sisters, Nora and Zoey, are going to spoil him for pretty much the rest of his life. What you hear about 3rd children being the forever babies of the family also appears to be true. As a busy entrepreneur and an experienced parent, maternity leave seems like a luxury, but the reality is that I love my job and my work.

Beth Santos [00:02:07]:

It fulfills me on a different level. So my leave was pretty much nonexistent. Not to mention that no matter how much I wanted to enjoy sleeping in and taking things easy, I still had 2 other kids to get fed and off to school every day. So the old postpartum break wasn’t really a thing this time around. That’s okay because I had a lot of other really exciting things going on like this.

Christine Winebrenner Irick [00:02:34]:

I wanna welcome Beth Santos, who is the, recent author of Wonder Woman and also the founder of Wonderful, and we’re here to talk about all of these things. So I can’t wait to catch up with you. Welcome to the podcast.

Beth Santos [00:02:51]:

About the time that Beau joined the world, I had another child make her entrance, and that’s my debut book, Wonder Woman. The full title is Wonder Woman, how to reclaim your space, find your voice, and travel the world solo. The full title is important because this isn’t just a solo travel guide. Yes. You’ll get really good tips on how to travel the world alone, but you’ll also get a much deeper conversation about the messages that we’ve been telling women for ages about who can and should travel and how all of those are completely wrong. We do a lot of myth busting in this book. We talk a lot more about your travel mindset, getting into a place of discomfort, and being open to spontaneity. All core values that I think solo travel teaches you, but you may not realize it.

Beth Santos [00:03:46]:

Anyway, if you’re an avid solo traveler, or if you’ve ever thought about traveling alone, or if you know someone who’s contemplating that first solo trip, you have to pick up a copy of this book. It’s available pretty much wherever books are sold, and it’s also available for purchase as an audiobook so you can listen to the sound of my voice coaching you through. Going on this journey, writing my book, it really did a lot for me. You would think that most authors already have their voice when they start writing, but I really felt like I further developed mine as I wrote. I would spend the early mornings writing while the girls were still asleep, and it allowed me to connect very deeply with myself and my own thoughts. I don’t really miss waking up early those mornings, but I do miss those moments of complete and utter silence. The only sound being the rain or the morning birds or me typing away at my computer. That’s a whole other kind of silence I’ve come to relish when most of my day is so loud.

Beth Santos [00:04:53]:

And then there’s been the travel, the exciting book tour, the seemingly endless flights. For a moment there, I felt like I was on a plane more than I wasn’t. And the interesting part is that for many of those trips, I took Beau with me because he was so small. When I landed in Salt Lake City for the annual WITS Creator Summit, my Uber driver asked me what I was in town for. I told him I was planning a conference. He looked back in the rearview mirror, an eyed sleeping Beau, who was just 2 months old at the time. He said, let me get this straight. You’re taking your baby on a business trip? And, yep, I sure was.

Beth Santos [00:05:37]:

I was in Salt Lake for the 10th anniversary of the WITS Travel Creator Summit. It’s an annual event that I run on behalf of my company, Wanderful. If you didn’t know, Wanderful is an international community of women travelers and travel content creators. We’re reimagining the face of travel and connecting women to their greatest asset, a network of other women who can support them. But we’re also telling stories that don’t often get the most coverage in travel. Stories that feature women as the adventurers, women as the protagonists, women who are getting out and grasping life by its horns and making change in the world because women have been doing this forever, and very few people are telling those stories yet. If you want to follow along, check out It’s where we’ll be hosting so many more of those exciting stories and also streaming new episodes of this podcast.

Beth Santos [00:06:33]:

So back to WITS. Every year, we run a conference for travel content creators called WITS. We bring together 500 creators to a new city to tour that destination, and then we come back to the conference site for speed networking with brands that wanna work with us and inspiring keynotes about the future of travel and workshops that help us build our businesses. It’s honestly one of my most favorite weekends of the year because it’s an opportunity for women who are all creative entrepreneurs in their own right and who are often out traveling the world or glued to their computers creating content to be present in person with each other and kindle lifelong friendships and connections. In 2024, WITS was hosted in Salt Lake City. Next year, in 2025, we’ll be in downtown New York City, and we are so excited to hit up downtown Manhattan. Each year since 2019 at WITS, we host the Bessie Awards, an award show named after the great Bessie Coleman, who was the first woman of African American and Native American descent to hold a pilot’s license. We honor her legacy by celebrating 27 finalists across 9 categories that are changing travel for the better.

Beth Santos [00:07:48]:

This year, B&H Photo and Sony stepped up to sponsor the show and offered an absolutely gorgeous podcasting mic to each of our winners, which brings us to season 2 of the 85 Percent podcast. It’s got a little bit of a different look, so I wanna tell you more about what you can expect. We’re talking to some outrageously talented people like Nikki Vargas, award winning author of the best selling travel memoir, Call You When I Land.

Nikki Vargas [00:08:18]:

I knew that there were two ways that I could go about writing call you when I land. There was the way in which I really painted myself as the heroine, the person that maybe had a little bit of a stumble, but ultimately, like, figured it out, and it was very just kind of, like, self flattery and, like, just, you know, painting myself in this very positive light, or I could write it the way that it happened, flaws and all.

Beth Santos [00:08:46]:

And Gabby Beckford, the trailblazing Gen Z expert who believes that anyone should be able to afford to travel and actually runs a study abroad redo grant to help travel lovers pass their college years do just that.

Gabby Beckford [00:09:00]:

Again, I was broke. So I I was applying to scholarships just to get into college and, like, pay for college. And I’ve always been, like, keeping my eye out for opportunities. And when I came across study abroad scholarships and, like, oh, I can go to a conference that’s in Austria for school and, like, they’ll pay for it. I’m, like, okay. Well, I’m also in Austria, so win win.

Beth Santos [00:09:21]:

We’re still interviewing some of the most badass trailblazing women out there. That part hasn’t changed. You’ll meet 8 of them in the next season. 8 instead of 9 because one lucky winner actually won 2 awards. But I think you’ll find our new direction even more interesting than a traditional interview style podcast. Rather than hearing the first I did this, then I did this style of an interview, we’re cutting through to some of their deepest and most profound travel stories. It’s a bit narrative style. Picture me walking you through that moment of travel as if you’re there, but a little bit interview style too.

Beth Santos [00:10:02]:

We’ll hear from our guest about why that moment changed her and what lessons she wishes she could impart on listeners. And there’s another component that you’re going to love. At the end of each episode, we’re going to share a 2 minute story from one of you. Yep. One of our listeners. Maybe it’s a moment that changed or challenged you. Or a time when you were on a trip and realized something really profound. We wanna hear your wander story.

Beth Santos [00:10:31]:

Each episode, we’ll pick 1 and we’ll share it with everyone. To submit yours, just visit 85 percent and scroll down to where it says, listeners, share your travel story. You can record your story and submit it right there. And who knows? Our next episode story could be yours. So there you have it. A little update on my world and you in it. You can expect our first episodes to drop this September. So consider this your warning to start recording your own travel stories, spread the word about 85 Percent, and get all your favorite travel loving friends subscribed so they can listen when those first episodes drop.

Beth Santos [00:11:13]:

I can’t wait for you to meet them soon.