A Big Thanks to Our Donors

We’re $1,295 into our fundraising campaign, and we wouldn’t even be close to here without the help of the wonderful people who have given so far!

Thank you for believing in our ability to share the voice of women around the world.

thank you

A special thanks to:

Jules Taggart

Marvin Mathelier

Carolina Dias

Samantha Wu

Rachel Halder

Leon Hadley

Benjamin Blanchard

Kathryn Nichols

Erin Brown

Christina Berube

Elizabeth Ann Peer

Chris Ross

Ann Thomas

Katie Colaneri

Jennifer Memmolo

Siobhan OKeefe

Hannah Halder

Rosanne Santos

Kristen Cuneo

Allison Swan

Nathalie Steinmetz

Katherine Chen

Liza Ramos

Lianna Lee

Caroline Goble

Jilai Lin

And all those donors who gave anonymously — thank you!

We’ve still got $3,705 left to raise before March 1st! Please help us get there by donating  now and sharing with your friends.

Beth Santos
Beth is the founder and CEO of Wanderful, which she developed while riding through the streets of São Tomé and Príncipe on her blue Yamaha motorcycle. She is the creator of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit and has been recognized in Business Insider as one of 17 travel industry changemakers, as one of BostInno's 50 on Fire, and as one of TimeOut's 10 people changing a better Boston.

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