Go Girl is not just about true stories of harvesting Colombian coffee and poignant memories of Madrid.  Go Girl is about women on the run and working their bums off to get what they desire in the world, whether that is the best pad thai in Thailand or the coveted Watson Fellowship. Being a Go Girl is about finding inspiration and inspiring those around you (the very reason Go Girl was created!)  Lately, I’ve been inspired by the five James sisters of the Detroit ‘burbs for many reasons, including a newfound belief of the truly restorative and healing properties of fresh, raw juice (not V8!).  The James clan (Jane, Cait, Jessie, Jenny, and Julie) is a mix of mother, yoga teacher, musician, Peace Corps volunteer, and top stylist. They are enthusiastically trying to to bring DROUGHT, a socially responsible raw juice business, to Detroit’s Eastern Market.  I’ve devoted my article to them this week and I hate to say it… but, you go girl(s)! -Nicole

The James sisters share their entrepreneurial inspiration and how you can help turn their dream of DROUGHT into a reality:

On a balmy night in September, sisters Jessie and Cait James escaped from their cramped West Village apartment on a mission to find a fresh coconut shake. As it goes with sisters, the walk to the juice bar was peppered with comments, compliments and light-hearted criticism of their surroundings. Jessie commented that even in NYC there was a serious “babe drought” as in, no hotties around to date, or even have a stimulating conversation with. Cait concurred and joked that with emphasis on the irony of the word, DROUGHT would be a great name for a juice bar. And so it started….

Jessie and Cait at work in their "kitchen bedroom" -- a creative slice of the 500 square foot Manhattan apartment the three youngest sisters share.

Fast forward six months and the James sisters have  started a mini empowerment revolution. Not in an egotistical sort of way, but in the self-confident “Yes, we can own a business” approach. “The fruits of our efforts became more evident shortly after the new year,” recalls Jenny.  “We collectively decided that unless we take care of ourselves, our business will never flourish — after all, how you do anything is how you do everything.”

Almost instantaneously, all of the grunt work of the business starting showing signs of progress. With three of the gals living in Manhattan and the other two living in Detroit, a compromise was made to stay true to family roots and start up in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  At the heart of the Eastern Market is a six-block public market that has been feeding Detroit since 1891.  “The market is amazing, there’s great energy in the whole district,” Jane commented, “It’s hard to find someone who’s not down with the vibe.”

The secret to DROUGHT’s success thus far has been creating and maintaining a system of personal health and wellness that takes precedence over all work-related tasks. Cutting out toxins and filling in the gaps with raw juice, exercise and positive affirmations really help Skype conference calls go more smoothly.  With this approach, the Jameses collectively agree they are able to think more clearly, compassionately and confidently — and people are taking notice. “Our intention is to create something that indefinitely sustains our family and the communities we live in; We’re a lifestyle company, and there’s juice involved,” said Julie.

DROUGHT is a subculture of healthful living underscored by extracting abundance from simplicity.  “We owe a great deal of credit to our mom and dad; They’re the real bad asses,” remarked Jessie.  Mark Sr. and Beth, the parents, had six kids in seven and a half years.  The gals joked that their options were either to form a basketball team or start a juice company. (They chose the latter.)  Now actively taking steps to develop a permanent oasis to rehydrate and revitalize, the sisters are poised for success.  Drinking raw fruit and vegetable juice is not a new trend, but DROUGHT’s fiercely confident manifestation of this age-old practice is.

Look at that technique!

Please check out their website www.droughtjuice.com and Kickstarter page http://kck.st/gptrbV for more information. Currently they’ve raised over $6k for their Detroit launch in April and need help spreading the word.  The DROUGHT sisters genuinely hope that like-minded individuals such as Go Girls will appreciate their sensibility.  DROUGHT’s mission is to help others find treasure in the ordinary.  Start digging, and join the living!