Ah, Cuba

Attributed to: K. Hurley

Attributed to: K. Hurley

Lately I’ve been reading up on some of the latest news regarding Cuba. I was very elated to find out what may happen in just a few short months or years (who really knows), that has the potential to impact travelers immensely. Mainly, the American travelers have been restricted from touring the island for years, but things may change. The restriction may become “loosened.”  Meaning, they may be able to travel there again. For most travelers, they will be very much excited about venturing back into Cuba.

One thing’s for sure, that if you do plan on being one of the many travelers that are going to pour into the country, please, make sure you check out the crème de la crème.

La Habana, or Havana as some of us know it to be, has a night life that will blow Miami away. They have the music, dancing, venues—the perfect night life for those in search of a good time.

Looking for a museum-type atmosphere? Well then look no further! Trinidad has exactly what you need. They are known as the museum city by the sea!

And lastly, the city that is rich in culture and will have you wanting to learn more about history… Santiago de Cuba. The beautiful city has architecture, artifacts, and tells a great story that will keep you on edge.

At the end of the day, there is more beautiful culture that you will run into over that way. The food, the people, the beaches, and much more is awaiting. The ban hasn’t been lifted yet, but when it does, I’m sensing there will be many Americans that will flood the country with tourism. Hope to see you over there.

Fingers crossed!

Safe travels

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