Ahead of Myself

'Sneak Freak' by Arielle Bess Luckmann

Some weeks just get ahead of me, and this was one of them.  There are just too many wonderful adventures to be had in Chicago, and I am enjoying filling each corner of my day with friends, dancing, home done sushi, and plenty of music to share.  I am looking forward to sharing more adventures with you wonderful folk next week (particularly about Seattle), when I float back down from the dancing clouds.  Until then, enjoy the pants off of your summer and please don’t think twice about making lemonade.

P.S. Check out this link from the NYtimes

Megan suffers from a severe case of ‘wanderlust’ brought by a year spent living as a student/nanny in Barcelona, Spain and family vacations at a young age. Currently, she has set down roots in lovely Chicago where she spends her time singing in the Apollo Choir, riding her bicycle, and cooking elaborate meals for her friends. Writing for Go Girl is her favorite way of keeping her traveling spirit fed, even when her suitcase is unpacked.

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    1. Megan, the dancing looks positively sensational…don’t stop.
      Your, nina

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