There is a place where you can spend all day dreaming. Where do I want to travel this summer? How do I want to decorate my future mansion? What to do with that antique dresser that I found at the Andersonville Yard Sale?

Or, more importantly, what do I want my wedding to be like?

Yes, even this answer can be resolved, not in Heaven, but on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the answer to all of my wedding planning questions. It is a way for me to collect my ideas, in picture form, in one place. At first, I thought that this concept was rather boring. Who wants a digital scrapbook of pictures, anyway? And where would I find said pictures? But when I started to plan my wedding, and was checking out Google Images for these pictures anyway, I wanted to keep track of all of the great ideas I was seeing.

That’s where my addiction began, anyway. Something about being able to visualize things, and pick up ideas from other people, has really gotten me hooked. I also thoroughly believe that I am now going to have the best wedding ever (that is, if I can make all of these dreams a reality, right?).

When everyone is on your case about what they think you should do with your wedding/vacation/bathroom/dinner/party/whatever, just smile and nod. Then figure out what you REALLY want by yourself.

From experience, I can also say that encouraging others to follow me has helped quiet down the comments. That way, when they ask “what do you want for your wedding?” I can simply show them.