Aimee Remani
Aimee Remani: Aged: 27 Academics: MBA: Current. Management College of South Africa Postgrad Sports Management: Current, Boston City Campus (South Africa) BA: Corporate Communications; University of Johannesburg, Academic Excellence. Corporate Bio Data: Corporate Affairs Associate: Sports Development CSI. Registered Corporate Communications Practitioner Freelance Trainer: Soft Skills, Business Language and Presentations Freelance Translator: Spanish - English Author/Journalist: Publishing first full length, Non-Fiction/Academic Coffee-Table Book titled: "Re-imagining of Success in South Africa: a paradigm shifting." Collaborating with young South African Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Corporates and Graduates to define the path to a broader successful economy. The book is designed as a Collector’s Special Edition: featuring published articles, interviews as well as off-the-record interviews. Published in Australian Author and Entrepreneur; Alicia Holley Castillo’s Coffee-table book: " Co-Creating Happiness: Tales from Around The World" . Her piece is titled: "Happiness is relative." Sports Journalist: Italian League Magazine: CalcioNews24 English website. Social/Humanitarian: SA Correspondent for US Women’s Philanthropic Travel Magazine: Travel Go Girl. SA Correspondent for US African American Magazine: Unheard Voices, New Jersey