Every year, thousands of Britons flock to Europe on holiday chasing sun, sea and sand. Let’s face it: if we wait around for the tan-worthy weather in the UK we would be waiting for eternity. Britons have a notorious reputation for their overseas antics, wild partying and binge drinking – I have yet to meet someone who goes on holiday for the benefit of the local attractions (and back in 2003, I was one of those people).  Goodbye Scotland, Hola Spain!

Our destination of choice: Benidorm, a tourism hot-spot on the Costa Blanca.  In July, the height of the season, temperatures can average 30 degrees Celsius (makes a welcoming change from the negative degrees the Brits can endure throughout the bitterly cold, dark winter).

Benidorm, photo courtesy of alicante-city-insiders-guide.com

My sister and I booked our two week half-board package holiday with First Choice tour operators.  For a few hundred pounds, our flights, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals were all covered.

Our hotel, the Pueblo Benidorm, was situated just 400m from Levante Beach and 60km from Alicante Airport.  From there, we were able to meet with our very own ‘club rep’ to book activities (listed below), day trips and bar crawls.

Summer in Benidorm is one big party.  The entertainment and activities are endless – Terra Mitica Theme Park, Aqualandia Water Park, Benidorm Palace – There are no shortages of cabaret bars, clubs, karaoke’s and tribute bands.  You can party until you drop.

Here are some tips, all taken from personal experience, on how to make the most of your trip to Benidorm:

  •  Take advantage of your club reps – join them on a pub crawl and you will be taken to all of the best clubs in town with free shots on entry to every bar!
  •  Invest in plenty of fancy dress – This will be required should you wish to partake in aforementioned pub crawl.
  •  Opt for a ‘half-board’ (above) or ‘all inclusive’ package – that way, as your meals, snacks and soft drinks are already paid for, you can spend more money on your liquor of choice (may I suggest you try a ‘Flugel’).
  •  Spend your days relaxing by the pool or the beach. Save your energy for hitting the town and dancing the night away at the many bars and clubs, some of which are open until 8am!
  •  Be sure to take in a cabaret – It’s Spain, dah’ling!  Benidorm Palace offers a spectacular show with dinner and drinks (amazing if you don’t mind lots of bare flesh and scantily clad, but very glamorous, ladies).

But my most important piece of advice, especially if you are on a budget, is this:

  •  Spirits are not pre-measured – it is free pour all the way – and therefore probably a good idea to keep this in mind when ordering drinks.  Make the most of Happy Hour for this reason J

Benidorm is a wonderful holiday destination for people of all ages.  Whether you are seeking sun, sea and sand, nightlife, stage shows, water parks or a home away from home, Benidorm has something for everyone.

If you ever find yourself on the wonderful shores of Spain, have fun, enjoy and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (again)!!

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