[] 19 of the Best Women’s-Only Adventures You Have to Experience Before 2020

Are you planning a bachelorette party, mother-daughter weekend, or a getaway for your girl crew? Don’t stop short at the spa. With women-only travel on the rise, countless companies are designing itineraries meant to get women climbing mountains, setting sail and long-distance cycling. So grab your best gal packs — here are 19 of the best adventures exclusively for women.

Wanderful Homesharing

Want to travel solo, but not sure where to start? Wanderful, the global community for women who travel (with nearly 40,000 members worldwide), has expanded to launch its own home-sharing platform. Every hostess and guest is vetted through a video verification process, ultimately providing more safety and a sense of sisterhood. While the network is still growing, it’s a great way to connect with women in other countries.

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Wanderful Team
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