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Being a travel blogger is so, so much more than writing great articles. You have to be a master negotiator, a social saveur, a marketing maven. You have to be up-to-date on trends, able to write up an article at the drop of a hat, and do it all while on the road. Easy, right?

After an overwhelming interest in our blogging program, we’ve decided to launch a brand new initiative. It’s called #BlogSchool!

What is #BlogSchool?

At #BlogSchool, amazing bloggers from the Wanderful community will help YOU to grow the travel blog of your dreams using expert tips, personalized feedback, and support that only our sisterhood of women travelers can provide.

Each course features small-group learning, video lessons from some of the world’s best travel bloggers, weekly homework assignments, and more. We’re starting off with a four-week blogging intensive to help you get settled into your shoes as a travel blogger. We’re also considering other #School sessions (whether blogging, travel, or entrepreneurship-related). Share with us other things you’d like to learn in the comments, and we’ll consider adding them in later.

#BlogSchool 4-week intensiveAbout the 4-Week Blogging Intensive

The 4-Week Blogging Intensive is a high-quality, high-impact course that helps beginner-level travel bloggers become informed and skilled media professionals.

The course consists of four modules, bringing together video tutorials led by superstar bloggers in the industry, weekly homework assignments and resources, and a weekly Skype session conducted in a personalized and intimate group forum. Each group is given a mentor, who will help guide it through a hands-on, discussion-heavy writers’ workshop with group editing and homework assignments.

The $199 tuition ($174 for pro members) provides you with:

  • 4 in-depth video tutorials with some of our industry’s top influencers
  • Weekly homework assignments and at least one great article that you can put to immediate use on your own blog
  • 4 weekly resource guides for additional information about topics discussed in each session
  • Participation in an intimate, personalized group of women bloggers; editorial guidance; and feedback
  • Ample handouts and worksheets for you to help realize your blog goals
  • The option to write a guest post on
  • A completion badge for your blog
  • Ongoing access to a secret Facebook group for blogging intensive alums to help each other
  • 3 months of pro membership at

On our end, we’re using the $199 fee to pay our bloggers for their hard work and compensate our mentors and instructors for their time. Amazing, right?

The timeline:

Our 4-week intensive will begin the first week of January. Other enrollments will begin the first week of February, March, etc. A few weeks before the course starts, we’ll email you with what you need to know.

What are you waiting for? Sign up!!

This just in: We’re giving ONE enrollment to #BlogSchool away for FREE!

That’s right! Just share in the comments why YOU want to be a part of #BlogSchool and other topics you’d like to learn about besides blogging, and you’ll be automatically enrolled to win a FREE ticket! We’ll be selecting a winner on Friday, December 11 at 5:59pm ET. Open enrollment will close on Tuesday, December 15.

Featured image by Pixabay user StartupStockPhotos.

Wanderful Team
We are the Wanderful Team, helping connect women travelers everywhere. Join our international membership community of globally-minded women to connect, learn, share, and celebrate! Visit

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  1. Hello, Wanderful! I know this is what I need to complete my reinvention ad a moving writer. This year had been eye opening for me as a women with journalistic tendencies, and I am constantly inspired by this dynamic community of women in the business of traveling and publishing. I want to be a part of #BlogSchool to continue to challenge myself and develop other skills like my braND and Internet identity and voice. As a natural advocate for women and the environment, I feel like 2016 will be a year of distance learning of the most mobile variety, so pick ME for #BlogSchool!

  2. I wrote my MA dissertation about female travel and blogging/online communities as it relates to identity formation with the help of some of your wonderful, wanderful bloggers and other amazing women. Happy to report it received a great mark! I’d like to translate some of those interviews and findings, as well as discuss similar topics and relate then to my own travels, in a blog format. #BlogSchool would be perfect for me, and as someone moving back home after receiving a degree abroad with no jobs lined up yet, I would appreciate the free enrolment!

  3. Hello Wanderful! What a wonderful thing it is you’re doing here. I myself am an aspiring travel blogger, but sometimes the whole idea of it becomes overwhelming. I’m currently writing and marketing with a new company called The Holiday Girl – and our mission is very similar to yours in wanting to empower the female solo traveler. I recently returned from a 2 month solo trip through Europe for the first time and my mind is swimming with ideas and how to share them with the world. I think a little fine-tuning, shaping up around the edges, and guidance would allow for me to get really important and influential material to the masses. I have a love of comedy and a sharp wit, and although I am no master of the blogging world, what better way to bring it all together then a Blog School? Who knew? I feel like this would be a really unique, fun experience to learn and grow from. Thanks for taking the time to read!

  4. I’m new to blogging, it started as a way to let my family know what I an up to as my trips during vacation became longer and more adventurous. Now as I am venturing forth into the new world of realty retirement and living / working abroad while I explore new areas of the world, I can see it expanding and becoming something bigger. #BlogSchool would be a perfect way to begin this new chapter as I move to Metepec, Mexico in January. It would kickstart my blog as I kickstart my new career and life plan.

    1. Yay Karen!!! The random number we generated was 4 so you have been randomly chosen to win a free scholarship to this January’s #BlogSchool! Send us an email at and we can get you set up. Congratulations!!!

      1. Hi Karen, if we don’t hear from you by the end of the day we will pass on the winnings to another lucky Wanderful woman! Thanks 🙂

  5. would love to win for a variety of reasons
    1) I never win anything
    2) newer to blogging and would love the help and guidance
    3) would love to make some friends online
    4) could really change my future…looking at my work right now and feeling very unfulfilled. Would love to make a living out of blogging instead of hitting my head against the wall each day.

  6. I want to go to blog school because I believe that there is a need for a blog on ways to increase outdoor adventure activities for urban dwellers in NYC. Though I’ve begun building it – I know there’s so much to learn, so I’d love to get that information from the pro’s!

  7. Hello! I have always enjoyed writing, as well as traveling! Why not put them together?! I very recently started up a blog called Glitter on the Globe! At this exact moment, I am working with another person through the internet to design my blog; right now it is a hot mess! I love sharing my experiences to others and hope I will get the wonderful opportunity of taking the 4 week class to improve my blog!

  8. I have started and abandoned several blogs over the years, although I’ve done a lot of research and self-teaching, I’d like to participate in the #BlogSchool to learn how to better use the tools available to me, I think I’m still lacking some of the basis to completely grasp the concepts. I’m interested in learning more about volunteering/activist travel and plan on focusing a section of my new (and not to be abandoned blog) to just such kind of travel.

  9. Thanks everyone for your great stories!! Can’t wait to pick one for our #BlogSchool scholarship today! Keep those entries rolling in 🙂

  10. Hello Wanderful Women! I love this opportunity and I’m very excited to see how this organization is growing! I am currently creating a travel blog – My mission through my blog is to make the world more familiar by traveling to far away places and sharing my experiences.
    I would love to join #BlogSchool in order to gain more structure in my writing and promoting my blog. I also think this course will give me the discipline I need to commit to writing new content every week and developing strategies that grow my blog into a trusted resource for travelers – especially women! I look forward to becoming a skilled media professional through the expertise of the wanderful women at #BlogSchool!

  11. I’m currently running a blog with a friend that focuses on social consciousness through ethical production, social enterprise, and responsible travel. We’d love to attend #BlogSchool to hone our skills of connection and communication to better enable us to share our experiences in a meaningful way. It’s also important to us to develop the tools to help our projects evolve and connect people cross-culturally. Our blog is centered on the sentiment behind a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” For us, attending blog school will help us to more effectively inspire others to “carry the beautiful.” Aside from blogging, we’d be very interested in learning ways to connect with a wider audience and about innovative social enterprises.

  12. I have been getting serious to blog since last year. I recently just bought my domain to show the world that I am really into my blog. After messing with random topic, now I know my niche. I love traveling, and plan to travel around the world, so I focus on travel blog. I am learning blogging by myself through internet, and I realize it’s not enough. I need to learn directly from the experts whose travel blogs I read. That’s why I am so excited to enroll this #BlogSchool. Not only blogging, I also want to be taught about entrepreneurship through blogging.

  13. I never win anything, but I really really want to win this! I started a blog for part-time travelers in the US,, three months ago, and am learning as I go. #BlogSchool would teach me so many lessons about how to be the best blogger I can be and inspire others to travel, despite life commitments.

  14. Thanks to everyone for applying! We picked a winner — congrats Karen!! To everyone else, there are still TWO spots open so come sign up at — just $199 or $174 for pro members!

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