Like any good go girl, I’m saving for my next trip.  But I like to enjoy myself and live a little sometimes, so that means finds delicious places for dinner that don’t break the bank.  Chicago is known for it’s food capers, including the 10 day long Taste of Chicago, which is billed as the city’s largest event and the world’s largest food festival.  Obviously, that means that I must be in the right city for a little food vacationing.

I promise that the river isn't always this green

The following, in no order whatsoever, is a list of some of my favorite eateries where you can find delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that gives your taste buds a stay-cation:

Yummy, Yummy Asian Cuisine- Lakeview

A new favorite, near a great movie theatre, offers fantastic Chinese food options FOR VEGETARIANS and meat-eaters alike.  The first time I ordered General Tao’s with the curiously named  Soy Protein, I thought the shrimp floating around with the veggies were actually real; kind of creepy, but oh so delicious.  A better coconut smoothie with tapioca (ie bubble tea) you will not find in the city, trust me.  And the Basil Noodles are to die for, as my mother would surely say.

Medici- Hyde Park

Talk about some good pizza- the ‘Med’ is famous for delicious eats and groggy looking University of Chicago students coming up for air between intense study sessions.  The Mediterranean thin crust is a feast for the senses and well worth the journey it takes to get to Hyde Park.  Try a strawberry lemonade while you wait for your pizza to bake, then browse a bookstore or two while you tummy digests.

Epic Burger- Loop

The ‘more mindful’ burger place is as kind to your wallet as it is to your taste buds.  A burger combo (portabella cap burger for veggies) with blue cheese is pretty damn good, but promise me that you’ll get a smoothie with it.  Just treat yourself nice.  They use local produce for their burgers and encourage sustainability through their compost-able approach to dining ware.  Beware that you will want to come back.

Abuelos- Pilsen

Great tortilla soup, fantastic tortas, and delicious Mexican fair just across the street from the Damen pink line stop.  The funky, relaxed decor goes perfectly with the fresh ingredients and friendly faces.  Even the water is special- they ‘infuse’ it with parsley.  The desserts are delicious too, ranging from the traditional Mexican treats to chocolate covered strawberries.

Anyway, I am sure that there are more great places to eat that beg mentioning, but I’d rather hear suggestions for new places.  In fact, when you come to visit, we can pick out a few new places- maybe even a hotdog stand, you never know.