She takes a deep breath, looks around and says ” wow, it feels like I’m in Kenya again”. Thin columns of sunshine stream through the large windows and illuminate the tiny specks of dust suspended in the air. The middle of the cafe is flanked with rugged oak beams, and on one side of the wall is a sun-faded mural of the world’s coffee regions. In the centre of each table, fresh baby coffee plants grow from smudged mason jars.

Outside, grey smoke rises above Corktown’s dismal industrial view of the Don Valley Parkway sprawled out beneath Queen Street East. The top half of the CN Tower is swathed in a dense fog.

Want to hear how our first Go Girls of Toronto meetup went? Check out this amazing post from our very own Toronto local organizer, Diana. If this doesn’t inspire you to get out there and start traveling, we don’t know what will.

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