With selections spanning the two year history of Go Girl, five continents and a diverse range of content including travel, social issues and powerful women, we are proud to announce the featured writers for Go Girl’s first ever book.

We received nearly twenty nominations from writers and readers alike! Thank you for all of your support and look forward to owning your very own Go Girl book to share and show off.

Please welcome the 19 writers and their fantastic articles that will represent Go Girl:

AJ- Solidarity, Not Sympathy
Ana- Vieques
Beth- Nails
BucaBook- Misadventures Make the Best Memories
Claudia- Canadian Cuisine
Danielle- Not Your Typical Trip to Cambodia
Emily- Home Sweet Fragland
Erica- A Feminist Theory of Relativity
Jess- A Girl Guide to Hitchhiking Botswana and Zimbabwe
Jessie- Zwina Bizef! Touta!
Katherine- Alone in the Desert with Camels
Lorraine- Toilet Entrapment
Margaret B.- Dark History in the City of Light
Marianne- How to Make Friends When Traveling
Megan A.- The Five People You’ll Meet in Barcelona
Monica- Rejection: More Than Just Classroom Antics
Nicole- Yoga en Espanol
Sam Wu- Translation Please?
Yaffa- Forget the Prince, Find his Castle