South America

Copacabana… A place to sleep, dream and watch the sun go down

If you have been to Copacabana and the border between Bolivia and Peru, then this is the sunset you have been missing out on.


Copacabana is the perfect place for relaxation. It’s a dreamy town with lots of good restaurants, plenty of exciting activities to take part in (like paragliding, for example) and panoramic views that really do cleanse the soul.


Try ordering any dish with llama meat (very tasty) and make sure that you spend at least one day visiting the Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca. The community which inhabits these islands has fascinating stories to share and learning about how the people manage to construct their homes, schools and boats all from the same single plant is mind-boggling.


Copacabana… a travelling artist’s dream!

Tracey Chandler
Tracey used to be Head of Dance, Drama and Literature in a secondary school in London. At the age of 27, she decided to head off to the mountains in Venezuela with her life in her backpack in order to be a freelance writer. She had no home to go to in Venezuela, no job, no experience as a writer, no source of income, and she couldn't speak Spanish either (although now she speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese). When she thinks about what she did now, it makes her a little nervous. She can't believe how brazen she was, but it was the best thing she ever did.

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