An influencer campaign report is absolutely vital to a successful brand partnership. Learn how to create a campaign report from travel influencer expert Netanya Trimboli.

One of the most overlooked elements of influencer collaborations is perhaps the most important to the client: the campaign report.

Savvy marketers let data drive their decisions – particularly when it comes to future budget decisions – but they can’t do that without solid reporting from their collaborators. Surprisingly, this crucial step is missed by many influencers, with some failing to share results at all.

Set yourself apart by surprising and delighting your clients with a high quality, professional-looking campaign report that validates your collaboration. To get that wow factor, follow these 7 key steps.

Influencer Campaign Report: An Overview

Influencer collaborations have become increasingly prominent in organizational marketing strategies, from small startups to the biggest brands.

But – as with all marketing decisions – where to spend how much money is determined by one thing: results.

How much did it cost and what did I get in return?

This is often referred to as KPIs, short for Key Performance Indicators.

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The KPIs can differ by client and campaign, though some common ones are clicks, views, or purchases.

It’s important to understand what you’re measuring upfront so that your campaign serves this goal.

The best way to prove you achieved – or exceeded – these KPIs is to create a campaign report detailing what you were asked to do, what you did, and the results you achieved.

Your professionalism combined with real data will give your clients the information they need to justify future collaborations.

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7 Steps to Creating an Influencer Campaign Report

1. Create a Branded Template

Treat this campaign report like the intellectual property it is, coupling the data with your own branding so that it’s unmistakably yours!

To make it easy, mimic the look and feel of your media kit. That also reinforces your own branding.

Bonus points if you add your client’s logo! This immediately shows your professionalism and gets your client excited for what lies within.

Using free tools like Canva is a great place to start with creating a quality campaign report. From creating your media kit to branded reports and more, consistency is key.

influencer campaign report branded template sample - from Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

2. Share a High-Level Campaign Overview

After your cover page, start with a reminder of the purpose of your collaboration.

What was your goal? What was your assignment? Having this upfront sets the framework for the rest of the report, allowing you to show how your initial goal was achieved.

Right after that – on the same page if possible – provide a quick snapshot of the campaign results.

This a great way to “get to the point.” And you’re also creating a one-pager for your client that’s easy to print and share!

If you don’t have time for anything else, do this one page.

This is the data your client needs to summarize the work that was performed and the results that were achieved.

This one-pager in an influencer campaign report will help the client determine if the cost was justified.

As an example of what high-level metrics might look like, below is a template I provide to influencers to compile the results from all their posts.

This allows me to assess the total impact with a quick glance. You can use this or create your own to better tell your story:

template for an influencer campaign report showing social stats - Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

3. Break it Down: Influencer Campaign Stats

Now that you’ve given a high-level report, go into more detail. Show your specific posts and how your followers engaged with the content.

Influencer Campaign Reporting:

  • Create a different section for each platform:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Blog, etc.
  • Capture snapshots of each live post
  • Be sure to trim the visuals so they’re not a full-screen capture
  • Highlight any notable comments or key stats to draw attention
sample screenshots for influencers - from Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

If you created a blog, you don’t need to include the full post here. Instead, share a trimmed snapshot of the first page.

Bonus: Highlight a quote of something really great you said about the brand.

4. Photos Tell the Campaign Story

Brands love to see influencers engaging with their product or service!

Create a collage on one or two pages showing all the amazing photos you took.

If you provided rights to the photos, include the attachments or a link when you send the report.

If you charge extra for images, remind your client that — if like what they see — you’re happy to chat about getting those rights.

sample photo collage for influencers to provide to brands -- from Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

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5. Go Above and Beyond as an Influencer

If there is anything extra notable about your collaboration – and there always is – create a slide to highlight why it was so extraordinary.

Examples to include in an influencer report:

  • More shares, comments, or views than your typical posts – use percentages to show how much more
  • A testimonial your client can use for their own purposes
  • A snapshot of a prominent brand, influencer, or media outlet engaging with your post
  • Additional assets or deliverables you created because you felt inspired

Overall, make the brand feel important and excited by the outcome!

example stats to include in a campaign report - from Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

6. Links, Links, Links

Create an index page where you include direct links to all your content.

This is incredibly helpful to your client, who may want to reference something 6 months from now. Don’t make them mine your social channels for their mentions.

Adding this to your campaign report is easy to do and it creates additional value for your client. A simple list like this is perfect:

links to offer in a report after an influencer campaign -- from Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

7. Say Thank You

To wrap up any influencer campaign report, the last slide should have a big “thank you” on it! And don’t forget your contact information.

branded campaign sample -- from Netanya Trimboli for Wanderful

Final Words on Campaign Reports for Influencers

After following these steps, turn your finished report into a PDF. You now have a branded, data-driven report that demonstrates what you did and how your campaign was a success.

Your client won’t have to crunch numbers, hunt you down for metrics, or do any extra work to prove to their team why influencer marketing matters.

This makes it that much easier for your client to get budget for future campaigns.

And who do you think they’ll call when they need a reliable, professional partner to make their brand shine?

What other tips do you have for influencers to impress their brand partners? Share them in our members’ portal!

Feature image by Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash

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