“Anti-racism is an act and not a state of being. It’s a constant action we must continue performing.” – Ariel Goldberg

We all know the incredible and transformative impact travel can have on us. But, have you ever really reflected on the impact you leave on travel?

The way you interact with locals? How your behavior could be disrespectful, or controversial, towards the local culture and community? How your privilege could lead to continued oppression?

From understanding the impacts of voluntourism and white saviorship, to being conscious of your presence, decisions, and actions in destination, there’s a lot to learn in creating an inclusive travel industry, and luckily this episode is all about diving into the how of getting started.

Social justice power-houses, Justine Abigail Yu and Ariel Goldberg of Wanderful, are here to help define anti-oppression, anti-racism, and the work we are all accountable to as mindful travelers.

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