Mauritius is known for its amazing natural beauty and, if this is what attracted you to the island for a holiday, you should base yourself in Le Morne Brabant for your getaway. The peninsula is located at the very southern tip of the island and boasts breathtaking mountainous scenery.

In addition to the rugged and imposing mountain that stands here, there are numerous other natural attractions in the vicinity well worth taking in during a break in Mauritius – keep reading for my guide to the local must-visit landmarks.

Le Morne Brabant Mountain

An imposing monolith that measures more than 550 m in height stands alone as the main attraction for visitors to Le Morne Brabant. Not only is the peak awe-inspiring, it also has a fascinating history.

Le Morne Brabant Mountain has become symbolic of the anti-slave movement of the early 19th century, as runaway slaves from Africa, India and Madagascar all made their way to the area, guided by the sight of the mountain’s peak in the distance. Disillusioned workers fled to the Le Morne Brabant to avoid capture and lived around the peak until slavery was abolished locally in 1835.

Legend has it that when police travelled to the area to inform the slaves they were free, the inhabitants were unaware of the purpose of their visit, and many slaves jumped to their deaths from the peak.

Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park in south-west Mauritius is a haven for nature lovers keen to stretch their legs in idyllic natural surroundings. There are more than 60 km of sign-posted trails to follow through the park, which is characterised by channels, forests and waterfalls, giving you ample opportunity to catch sight of the flora and fauna here.

Among the hundreds of species of plants to be seen, 311 are endemic to Mauritius, including the Trochetia boutoniana – which has bell-shaped red flowers – and the canopy tree Cassine orientalis.

In addition to the flora, the fauna to be spotted includes nine species of local birds, such as the Mauritian Echo-Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon, so bring your binoculars along when you visit the park.

Seven Coloured Earths

Another must-visit natural attraction to take in is the Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel, which can be found in the Charmarel Plain. The area comprises sand dunes of varying shades that show in layers, giving an amazing stripy effect.

Green, purple, blue, brown, red, yellow and violet-coloured sand can be seen one on top of the other and in patches. Ground down volcanic rock, iron and aluminium in the soil are thought to be responsible for the tones. If you visit a souvenir shop nearby, you can take home your very own test tube of local sand, which you’ll notice separates into the different colours over time.

Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

Located close to the village of Souillac is the astoundingly-beautiful Rochester Falls, which tumble down from the Savanne River. The waterfall is approximately 10 m tall and cascades down from a rectangular rocky ledge that has formed over time. Adrenalin junky locals will often dive into the water below for money and this makes for a breathtaking spectacle!

Reaching the landmark can be quite difficult by car unless you hire a 4×4 vehicle, so a hike up to the waterfall might be the safest option if you’re not planning to rent a vehicle during your stay.

You can find out more about taking a holiday in Le Morne Brabant by clicking here.