There’s just something about an accent that can make women swoon, especially an Australian one. For some unexplainable reason, a person’s attractiveness increases significantly when you hear their lovely voice. Combined with a good personality, and you just may have found a person you would want to date!

Despite the fact that they speak English, Australian dating culture is not the same as in the US. Understanding a few slight differences in how they approach dating could save you a lot of awkwardness if you ever find yourself in a dating situation. Just like how they are known for their friendly, laid-back culture, the dating scene is very similar. So forget traditional dating rules!

Here is some advice to help you win an Aussie’s heart.

Grab a Coffee

First dates don’t have to be a big event. In fact, getting a coffee or seeing a movie is generally the norm for first dates. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean you’re not putting effort into the date, but rather that to them a date should be a relaxed and enjoyable event!

Also ladies, don’t be afraid to ask out an Aussie boy first. Gender roles in Australia are much more lax than in other cultures where a man is expected to make the first move. Along the same lines, it’s customary to go dutch (to split the check) regardless of who asked whom on the date.

Get Some Friends

Group dates are very common for the younger crowd in Australia. Friends and family are extremely important in defining who you are, so your potential mate will want to get a chance to meet them. Though you should probably hold out on this one till after the first date when you get a better idea if there is anything there for a relationship!

Most Aussies don’t go on a one on one date till they are in their twenties. They don’t take anything too seriously, which can make them a fun and exciting person to date.

Let’s Get Serious

The downside to this casual, fun atmosphere is that it can be more difficult to pin them down into a serious relationship. While they like to enjoy themselves, moving too quickly can scare them off, at least according to what Aussie girls say. It’s easy to see how their style of dating can be so casual that it’s almost how you would act with just a friend.

So what’s the best way to get them to stick around for the long haul? Be a good friend! While in the US, it’s easy to think that if you don’t make your romantic intentions clear early on, that you’ll be “friend zoned”, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Australia. Some of the best relationships are built on strong friendships. So if you think your Aussie is really worth it, prove why you’re the best match for them by being patient.

While at times they may drive you crazy with their commitment phobia, with a little extra effort you’ll get to have the reward of an exciting, fun, and laid back relationship with a great guy or gal from down under!