Ladies, has your soul been complaining that you’ve not been giving it enough attention lately? Does it constantly nag at you to spend more quality time with it, or demand that you show it more love? If you suspect your soul may be feeling sad and neglected and want to show it that you still care, there is an antidote: Cancun, home of Mexico’s most beautiful white beaches, where the only stress will be in deciding which swimsuit to wear, and the only strain will be in lifting your cocktail glass to your lips.

Cancun, Mexico

In the 1960’s Cancun, on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico, had a tiny population of no more than a thousand people made up of fishermen and their families, and prior to that, it had remained relatively unexplored and uninhabited. It wasn’t long before the Mexican government began to have big ideas for this sleepy place, though, and in 1969 they revealed their plans to develop the area as a tourist resort. These plans saw the creation of an international airport, now the second busiest in Mexico, and the construction of a series of hotels, the first of which opened its doors back in 1974. Now home to half a million residents and droves of seasonal visitors, Cancun is firmly established as a top tourist destination.

Tourism tends to be at its peak from December through to April, when the tropical heat is less intense, with June until August often seeing scorching temperatures. The soggiest months are usually May, June, September and October, but even the sturdiest of brollies might not hold up against the high winds, as hurricanes can pose an all too real threat in this part of the world, with June to November being the months to watch out for.

The official language of Cancun is Spanish, but you’ll find that many of the locals still speak Mayan as their first language. Don’t worry if you don’t know your ‘grassy ass’ (or gracias) from your elbow though, because as is the case with most worldwide tourist locations, English is spoken by most in the industry, so you should always be able to make yourself understood without having to resort to embarrassing hand gestures that you think are universally recognised!

So what else can Cancun holidays offer to visitors aside from agreeable temperatures, idyllic landscapes and luxurious hotels, as if that wasn’t enough? Cancun and the surrounding area has a unique and intriguing history too, so when friends and family inquire, with poorly concealed tones of bitter envy, as to whether you did anything else with your time in Cancun other than relaxing and indulging your soul, you can smile smugly and inform them that actually, you visited some sites of historic, archaeological importance. Sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba are easily reached from Cancun by car, public transport or guided tour and the air of mystery that surrounds them can’t fail to leave a lasting impression.

Worth a visit is the beautiful fishing village of Puerto Morelos, situated just 35km from Cancun. Although Cancun offers its own brand of tranquility, this place has such a laid back atmosphere that simply enjoying it and not doing a whole lot else, will feel completely natural to you, and you’ll find yourself instinctively following the leisurely pace of life there.

The white sands and palm trees of Cancun’s beaches make a perfect backdrop for all sorts of water sports, and the crystal clear waters all but beg you to dive into them, snorkel at the ready, and explore the abundant marine life living below the surface. There are calmer waters for doing this, where you can escape the roar of the jetski’s and if you so wish, float away the day without the worry of getting tangled up with other bathers.

So why not make your soul feel loved again by treating it to a taste of paradise in Cancun, or, if your soul seems content enough, take it there anyway?