These creators are proving that travel is for every body. They’re hitting the hiking trails and surfing the waves, they’re globetrotting and highlighting the joys of traveling close to home. These creators tell the stories of the people and places they encounter for all of us to armchair travel through their inspirational content.

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1. Voyaging Vagabond (Chantel Loura)

Chantel is a fat, queer digital storyteller typically found hopping the globe and sprinkling body positivity along the way! A fierce, twenty-something female nomad, her goal is to inspire you to make your life-changing travel dreams a reality. She serves up travel tips, major airfare sales, and kickass itineraries.  

2. From Annette With Love (Annette Richmond)

A California girl with many passions, Annette is an advocate, content creator, fashion stylist, speaker, and digital nomad. A self-proclaimed Fat Girl, she is a staunch supporter of the Body Positive Movement. After seeing a lack of diversity and inclusivity in travel marketing and media, she created Fat Girls Traveling. The Instagram profile grew into a community of over 19K that has metamorphosed into a movement. She is a voice for Fat Travelers and now the Editor-in-Chief of The Fat Girls Guide.

3. Some Call Me Adventurous (Samantha O’Brochta)

Sam is a creative digital strategist and body-positive traveler who shares her adventures at home and abroad. Currently calling London home, Sam also shares travel inspiration through her London Love Letter IG and her design and writing work through Sips Tea Designs.

4. Sherry Ivy

Sherry is a fat British babe empowering women to live their best lives and sharing her travels and adventures along the way. She is anti-diet culture and pro-self-love, so you can expect lots of inspirational content as she journeys around the world.

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5. Global Midwife (Katrina)

Katrina is a nurse-midwife and new mom. She’s all about celebrating her curves and her travel addiction. She shares her journey as a creative outlet to motivate other curvy women to live life NOW instead of waiting to fit false societal beauty standards. Katrina is a huge advocate for body positivity, women’s empowerment, and health education.

6. Kirsty Leanne Travels

Kirsty is a plus-size travel blogger who is redefining what travel looks like. She offers tons of travel inspiration and advice, including plus size travel tips and tricks, as well as personal insights into developing her confidence. She is the founder and creator of Plus Size Travel Too and a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker!

7. Stephanie Yeboah

Stephanie is a multi-award-winning blogger, body confidence advocate, and freelance journalist, with Fattily Ever After being her debut non-fiction book. She is also a huge body image and self-love advocate!

8. Myles to Travel (Bisa Myles)

Bisa is a plus-sized adventure traveler, freelance writer, speaker, and breast cancer survivor whose goal is to inspire others through her writing to pursue their dreams despite their size or diagnosis!

9. The Travel Curve (Tegan Aileen)

Tegan is a curvy content creator who is supporting all feminine creativity. A former Canadian plus-size model, she now lives a quiet life in the southwest of France, from where she shares her local travels and outdoor activities and adventures.

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10. Cheema’s Travel (Rani Cheema)

Rani is the CEO & Culinary Travel Curator at Cheema’s Travel, a boutique travel agency specializing in luxury culinary travel. After years of living overseas, she returned to the US determined to build a business helping others explore the world in a safe and immersive space through gastronomy and deeper connections.

11. Ariel Poems (Ariel Goldberg)

Ariel is a queer, multiracial author, editor, digital media and marketing professional, creative director, activist, organizer, traveler, event planner, plant mom, consultant, and sometimes-poet based in Brooklyn, New York City. By day, she is the managing editor at the Vera Institute of Justice, and then she spends her free time as the brains behind all of Wanderful’s websites and as the Program and Creative Director for the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit!

12. Sylvia the Gnomad (Sylvia Torres)

Sylvia started living the #vanlife in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 and has completely fallen in love with nature during this journey. She is always trying to improve and diversify the outdoors, sharing all her VanLife travels and plus size content to normalize seeing fat bodies outdoors.

13. Jae Bae Productions (Jae’Lynn Chaney)

Jae is a body-positive, plus-size content creator, and YouTuber showing the world that all bodies are travel bodies. As a Woman of Color living in a marginalized body with disabilities, she says she’s all about accepting and loving yourself just the way you are and not letting your size, the color of your skin, where you come from, disabilities, or anything else limit you!

14. Kaila Walton

Kaila is a photographer, plus-sized hiker, and explorer based in the Northwest Territories. In 2019, she founded Fat Wander Babes to highlight plus-size women doing wander babe-type things in the outdoors or travel industry.

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15. Comfy Fat Travels (J Aprileo)

J is the creator behind, a blog about the experience of being a fat non-binary person. You’ll frequently find J chatting about topics like fat accessibility, gender, and mental health. As J says, “Fat people want to explore. We want to live our lives out loud and see new things. We want a world that values us enough to create space for us. Until then, we’re creating our own spaces, our own communities, and building up our allies to make this a more comfortable place to be.”

16. Jenny Bruso

Jenny is a white, queer, fat, femme, writer, hiker, group hike leader, and founder of Unlikely Hikers. Finding outdoor culture to be often hostile to those who don’t fit the white, straight-size, cishet-normative, able-bodied mold led to the creation of Unlikely Hikers. As Jenny says, the outdoors should be for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY.

17. Loving this Life Jada (Jada Durden)

Jada Durden is a content creator and freelance writer based in Shreveport, LA. On her blog,, Jada covers travel, entertainment, and dining while working with several national and local brands including Kia, Aloft Hotels, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and W Hotels. is recognized as a “Popular Louisiana Blogs” by When she is not traveling for her next story idea or speaking at a conference, Jada is busy being a mom to her teenage son and finding ways to promote inclusivity and diversity in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.

18. Curvy Surfer Girl (Elizabeth Sneed)

Elizabeth Sneed is a Hawaii surfer who recognized the need for women to have a community dedicated to surfing that was representative of modern and diverse women athletes. Her personal journey of accepting herself as a plus-size athlete was the catalyst that launched the movement, which has since grown to a community of tens of thousands of women worldwide. The Curvy Surfer Girl Movement is dedicated to reimagining the last 63 years of exclusive history in women’s surfing.

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19. Adventure Like a Girl (Stacia, aka Tink)

Stacia is better known by her hiking family as “Tink”, short for Tinkerbell. She lives in a small town in South Georgia working as an ER nurse. After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2015/2016, she found a way to build the life she wanted, which regularly revolves around hiking trails and epic adventures, all of which she shares with her dedicated community on Instagram.

20. Curvy Globetrotter

Curvy Globetrotter is a German plus-size traveler sharing her globetrotting adventures all around the world. She shares body positivity and inspiration across the 32 countries and 37 US states she’s visited thus far.

21. The Chronicles of a Wander (Roxanne Vitnell)

Roxanne is a plus-size Australian traveler sharing her adventures…and her professional-level skirt twirling! She focuses her community around travel, lifestyle, and fashion, with lots of local insights and travel tips from her home base in Sydney.

22. Leah Vernon

Leah Vernon is a plus-size Hijabi model, social media influencer, public speaker, and freelance writer. Based in NYC, she is also the author of Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim. She is always promoting body positivity and inclusivity in marketing and media, shooting editorials everywhere she travels because she never grew up seeing representation in Vogue. She’s showing that travel is for every body.

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23. Sam Ortiz

Sam Ortiz is a plus-size Latinx mountaineer and the Founder of Climb Big, a community for fat and plus size rock climbers. She aims to use her voice to make the outdoors accessible for all, especially through advocating for apparel and gear. She is also an adventure photographer and graphic designer who has worked with plenty of big names in outdoor gear and adventures!

24. As Told by Nella (Ornella Green)

Nella is a Jamaican plus-size beauty, travel, and lifestyle content creator in her free time outside of her full-time career as Dr. Nella. She is an island gal who believes in living life to the fullest and sharing as much positivity in the world as she can. You can catch her interview on the Black Women Travel Podcast with Wanda Duncan to learn more.

25. Brenda Senyana

Born in Kampala, Uganda, raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently residing in Harlem, New York, Brenda is a Curvy Plus Size Influencer focused on fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She encourages her community to embrace their curves and walk confidently in all their glory!

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