By definition, community is a unified body of individuals. There is something magical about travel that unites people and creates a shared sense of understanding of culture, time and place. Travel experiences are unique to each person, good and bad, and there is great value in sharing amongst one another. Women who travel share an even deeper bond, as their experiences represent shared gender and cultural norms. In an age when female-focused travel and sustainable tourism are moving from trends to the norm, communities are even more important for informing, inspiring and empowering women to travel well. Here are five founders who have successfully built communities to do just that.


If you’re a travel content creator, you’ll find your people in the Wanderful community. Founder Beth Santos started a personal blog in 2009 when she couldn’t find substantial resources for women who were traveling alone. She added global contributors and eventually started hosting in-person events. That was when she realized the real power of the community she had built.

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