Has this year got you dreaming about jetting off to distant places and building a business from your passion? That’s why we created a free travel blogging course to help get you started on the right foot!

We pulled together our top tips and insights to help you learn all the basics of blogging. If you’re thinking about starting a blog — whether a personal blog or as a business — there are several key steps you need to take. And we’re here to help.

Beth Santos, Founder and CEO of Wanderful, guides you through this course to help you lay a solid foundation for your travel blog.

Who knows… Maybe this will be the start of a digital empire, giving you the freedom to follow your dreams and travel the world!

If you’re ready to get started in the travel blogging world, take advantage of this free course we created to help you.

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Free travel blogging course by Wanderful

About the Free Travel Blogging Course

This particular course offers you an 8-step plan to start your travel blog. As an introduction to travel blogging, you’ll lay the foundation for the technical, creative, and entrepreneurial aspects of blogging that will allow you to grow in the future.

Gain from the years of expertise shared by Beth, a professional travel blogger and community builder. She launched this blog in 2009 and has since grown Wanderful into a global community connecting women who love to travel.

Beth Santos founder and CEO of Wanderful creator of the free travel blogging course in the Wanderful Academy

If you’re starting a personal travel blog that you don’t intend to monetize, this free course is still helpful! You can learn how to set up the framework for a blog and understand the options available for publishing your stories.

If you want to build a travel blog business, this course is a vital first step to avoid major mistakes. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot and then have to undo damage in the future. We want you to have all the tools you need, plus our insights from years in the travel blogging business.

As a free course, you have nothing to lose and an entire business roadmap to gain!

What You’ll Learn About Travel Blogging

Understanding everything involved in setting up and running a blog can feel overwhelming. Through the Wanderful course, you’ll go through a multitude of topics that are key to blogging, whether just for fun or for a business.

These are the topics you’ll cover in our travel blogging course:

Blog Branding & Design

Review everything from determining your niche to choosing your blog’s name. We’ll give you tips for researching your options and making sure you cover the legal bases, too.

Learn all about hosting, blog design templates, and how to make this travel blog reflective of you and your goals. This section goes through the most popular hosting options for travel bloggers so you can feel familiar with each choice.

You’ll also learn how to choose and adapt templates to suit your needs, based on your hosting platform.

Content Creation

How do you write a blog post? We’ll show you behind-the-scenes so you understand the basics of blogging and publishing and you’ll be set up for success.

Get our tips for creating a blog using the options available through different content management systems and learn how to technically create a post.

Promoting Your Blog

Finding and connecting with your audience is crucial to any blog’s success. We’ll give you tips on how to promote your travel blog so you can hit the ground running.

Bonus! Find out how to expand your blog’s reach beyond your own personal networks.

Making Money

If you’re considering making money from a travel blog, there are plenty of ways you could do that. We’ll explain how travel bloggers make money so you can decide what might work best for you (if that’s your plan!).

Business Strategy

Are you planning to turn your blog into a business? Learn the basics of entrepreneurship so you understand what options are available.

It’s not just about good writing. Blogging as a business entails so much more, and it offers a variety of returns, too!

Online Learning for Travelers & Travel Creators.

Wanderful’s Free Blogging Course

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Turning a Travel Blog into a Business

Learning the foundation of starting a travel blog is step one. But if you want to build your travel blog into a business — even a digital empire! — then there is much to learn.

In fact, that education will never end. Since digital content creation is a constantly changing (and still very new) industry, you will always need to keep learning.

From Google algorithm changes to new social media platforms and more — the digital world is ever-evolving and bloggers need to keep up!

After taking this introduction to travel blogging course, there are a few more steps you can take to get your blog off the ground and to ensure you maintain momentum.

Join the Wanderful Creator Community

Wanderful is a global community with two levels of membership: Traveler and Creator. Wanderful Creators are bloggers, vloggers, photographers, writers, and influencers who are sharing their travel stories and experiences with the world.

Our community offers a supportive, professional network so you can continue to learn and to grow your blogging business.

We call it the sisterhood for good reason — you’ll always have someone beside you for support and encouragement!

Some perks of Wanderful Creator Membership:

  • Live webinars and workshops on topics like marketing, legal, and more.
  • Access to dozens of hours of recorded professional growth content.
  • Network with other business owners.
  • Support offered through small group coaching, mastermind circles, and more.
  • Get opportunities in your inbox for press trips, guest posting, and reporter queries.
  • Join Instagram and blog engagement pods.
  • Enjoy discounts on favorite business services.
  • …plus so much more!

Creators: Get insights + tips to help you thrive.

Attend the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit

The WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit was created by Wanderful back in 2014. Since then, our annual travel blogging conference has expanded across two continents and around the world through virtual programming.

Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful - group photo on stage in Portland Maine 2019

At WITS, you can partake in the Blogger 101 pre-conference training for getting started with a successful travel blog.

Regular programming at WITS offers a variety of content to help you hone your craft, build your business, and challenge the travel industry to be better.

But the best part of WITS is the connections you’ll make with other women travel creators who are as obsessed with travel as you are! You’ll make lifelong friends and have new contacts wherever you travel to next.

Join us at the next WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit

Get the details and grab your ticket

WITS and Wanderful consistently push for diversity in the travel industry. While women are the majority of decision-makers in travel purchasing, they are underrepresented across the industry in decision-making roles.

Through supporting women travel creators and pushing the travel industry to move travel forward, WITS and Wanderful help change the way we talk about women’s travel.

If you’re ready to share your voice and your travel experience with the world, start with our free travel blogging course online. Then, join our community to keep your momentum up and to grow that blog into a business.

We are so excited to celebrate your success with you!

Online Learning for Travelers & Travel Creators.

Wanderful’s Free Blogging Course

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