It’s January. Time to hit the roads! Photo from Stella Blu on Flickr.

Ah, January.  Arguably the least enjoyable month of the year.  Christmas has been and gone, the decorations put away and the presents largely forgotten about, the turkey finally all eaten and nothing but grey skies and cold feet to look forward to.

Unsurprisingly this is the time of year when most holidays are booked, to give us all something to look forward to so that we can forget about the fact that the only other things to look forward to in the near future are Valentine’s Day (only fun if you are young and/or in love) and Easter (mmm, chocolate…).  But the big summer holidays feel like a lifetime away: if you want to get out of the country and the humdrum of everyday life before then may we suggest a short break to our nearest neighbour, France?  There are lots of lovely cities and attractions to explore in France, of which Paris is the most accessible and arguably the most exciting.  Plus, you can get there for very little money if you travel by coach with iDBUS because right now an iDBUS London to Paris costs from just £16!

So here is our advice for taking short breaks in Paris that you can take in the next few weeks to blow away those winter blues.

Travelling with iDBUS, London to Paris takes about eight or nine hours depending on the route.  The coach takes you direct to Paris Bercy, which is in the centre of the city and an easy walk to all the attractions that Paris is so well-known for.  Spend a day or two visiting the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe – a good way to do so is to take a local open-top city bus tour to get your bearings and decide which attractions to return to for a closer look.  Some tickets for those tours allow you to hop on and off, giving you a quick and easy way to travel between sights.

If you have young children or just want a break that includes plenty of open space and fresh air (not easy to find in a city break normally), Paris has a plethora of beautiful parks adjacent to most of their museums so you can take a leisurely stroll – and if it rains, head to one of the many cafés that line most of the streets for a hot chocolate and tasty pastry.

Just outside the city is Disneyland Paris, an excellent choice for a family break.  Select to stay for two or three nights, or maybe even a week – you will find plenty of rides and attractions in the two parks to keep you busy however long you stay.  To keep to a budget, stay in one of the nearby hotels that are a short bus journey away from the parks rather than in one of the Park hotels and take packed lunches in with you to keep costs down.

Then, when your break is over and your batteries are sufficiently recharged, take the iDBUS to London and start planning your next break!

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