If you happen to have some holiday time leftover and you’re in desperate need of rest and relaxation, it might be a really good time to consider a last-minute cruise getaway deal with the girls.

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Cruising with the girls

Cruises are not just for the retired, those with families or those who earn an insane amount of money each year. It’s true that you’d be a fool to book yourself onto a cruise if you don’t like boats or you don’t enjoy looking at the ocean, but the itineraries for last-minute cruises get better and better year on year. They have lots of potential for being a really fun trip for a group of female friends who are looking to make the most of their annual holiday leave.

All girl groups on cruises get to take advantage of endless hours in the sunshine. It’s important to take care of your skin, but there’s no doubt that exposure to sunlight, especially for those girls chained to an office desk all year round, is really important.

Both bodies and skin thrive under the heat of the sun, everything becomes tighter and softer, on account of the continuous application of creams and moisturisers and the extra injection of vitamin D we are naturally subjected to. Women who cruise on their vacations spend more time tending to their bodies, which is actually a really important part of our daily routines. Our bodies need us to care for them and in doing so we actually end up generating more oestrogen which helps us to feel better all-round… body, mind and soul.

Cruise ships in Nassau
Cruise ships in Nassau

All girl groups on cruise holidays benefit from some well-needed “girl time” too. All too often it’s difficult to spend the required amount time with friends, family, work colleagues and to be diligent at work, to join in with lots of social activities and to make it to the gym regularly… the list could go on.

A cruise holiday demands complete and total relaxation. The entire group will be given the opportunity to spend hours and hours in each other’s company, which can be really good for raising morale, strengthening friendship bonds and catching up on important events in each other’s lives. This kind of social activity is essential for women and all-female cruise holidays provide women with the perfect location for some all-important bonding time.

Last-minute cruise destination ideas

Last-minute cruises can take you to destinations all over the world. A wide variety of cruise packages are available and the price ranges mirror the kind of luxury one might be able to afford.

If the mere thought of an all-female last-minute cruise idea has got you just a little bit intrigued, there are three destinations which really do hit the spot…

1. South America
South American cruises, particularly those which travel along the eastern coast of Brazil, are awesome last-minute cruise ideas for girly getaways. The northeast coast of Brazil, places like Recife, Salvador De Bahia and Fortaleza, remain hot and sunny all year round and this makes them perfect cruise choices for beach action and chilling in the sun. Many last-minute cruises which cover the Brazilian coastline include Rio de Janeiro, the Caribbean islands and Miami too. This means a perfect combination of unforgettable nightlife, endless shopping sprees and far-reaching beach views which promise to take your breath away.

2. Canada and New England
Cruises which take you and the girls through Canada and New England offer a different kind of cruise experience, one that will really appeal to girls who love city life. Vancouver and Victoria are normally two fantastic destinations on a Canada cruise. Many itineraries will carry their guests all the way down the western coast of the US, taking in the sights of San Francisco and Los Angeles along the way. These cruises promise spectacular views, a forever-changing landscape and lots of opportunities to sip on your favourite cocktails.

3. Dubai and The Middle East
Girls on the hunt for a cruise which promises a more spiritual experience – a cruise which throws you into the culture-vulture cooking pot – need to head to the East. There are plenty of cruises on offer which combine the delights of Singapore, India and Dubai. Experience different ways to prepare, cook and eat your meals, come into contact with a variety of religious customs and sneak a first-hand peek at a wide range of fauna and flora that you’ve never seen before when cruising in the East. Girls who opt for these kinds of cruises are after adventure and looking to learn something new.

Final thoughts
Cruises don’t always have to be expensive, as many people commonly believe them to be, particularly if you hunt around for a really good, last-minute deal. Look for those cruises which fall slightly outside of the high season for a price range you’re bound to smile about.

Tracey Chandler is a freelance writer from London, UK. She specialises in features for female-interest publications, shorter posts for travel blogs and she manages her own online travel publication, The Jolly English Pirate.