Go Girl chapters are opening up left and right. Be excited — we’re here to tell you that we’ve just launched our first one in EUROPE!

Introducing: The Go Girls of Barcelona, Spain!


Go Girls of Barcelona

Are you in the area? Visit our Go Girls of Barcelona page here to stay up-to-date with event information and to sign up for their first gathering.

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Meet the Go Girls of Barcelona organizer, Carmen Rider Vázquez

Carmen Rider Vázquez, local organizer of the Go Girls of Barcelona

Carmen Rider often feels that life is too short to experience all she wants to do. Her greatest passions are traveling, theatre and connecting with inspiring people. She’s been traveling since she was a child and some of the best moments of her life have happened while she was far from home. She believes that the magic of trips lies in people, whether they are the friends you travel with or the new people you meet.

Carmen runs her own company in Barcelona, Spain for Real, a travel company that organizes trips in Spain for people who seek the genuine Spain and want a different travel experience. For her, making people travel in Spain and having the chance to meet and interact with them is another way of traveling.

Let’s give a big warm welcome to our 11th meetup group, and FIRST in Europe!