Greetings Go Girl Readers!
I’m so excited to be writing my very first blog with you!

First off, I want to ask some very important questions:
  1. Are you going on a vacation?
  2. Will you be traveling to another state?
  3. Are you planning on studying and/or living abroad?
  4. Do want to study and/or live abroad?

If you’ve answered yes to ANY of these four questions, you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to cater to your traveling needs! My desire is for every Go Girl reader to have fun, safe travels, whether they’re traveling inside the United States or going abroad.

But WAIT! For those who couldn’t answer yes to any of those questions, it’s ok because you can benefit from this column too, even if you’re just traveling to another state. Also, I’m pretty sure you know of someone who may benefit from this information…so, send them right here to me!

So, what qualifies me as an “expert?”

Well, I actually lived abroad and attended a university in Guanajuato, Mexico. It was my first time ever leaving home, so you can imagine the overwhelming sense of frustration I endured. Unfortunately, from the time I left the States, it was complete chaos! My host family’s number was incorrect, I was bitten by a scorpion, became extremely ill from some fruit, almost robbed, etc. etc…the list goes on and on.

With that being said, I want to share my experiences and knowledge of what I learned through tips, advice, and suggestions. They say that experience is the best teacher? Well, I beg to differ! If you’ve gone through it, someone else can learn from it, too, so that they don’t have to repeat same mistakes—and that’s why I’m here! I want to help you avoid these simple mishaps so that you are able to enjoy your time abroad.

So, let’s get started!

Also remember, NO question is a dumb question! Please, feel free to ask advice!

Looking forward to having some fun, see you every other Thursday!

–Lakia Gordon

(Picture Attributed to IK’s World Trip)