Feel them now…your heart beats and honor them! Guide your 2013 with action, abundance and love.

How so?

Adore this experience and activity where you will identify 4 elements to live a loving, abundant and flourishing 2013.

You will create your “Guiding Your 2013 Heart Beats Plan.”

Watch this video for details: 

Have handy a notebook and pen or colored markers to bring color to your plan and your notes with doodles or drawings.

Optional: Use a poster-size board and add photographs or cut-up magazine pictures to your Guiding Your 2013 Heart Beats Plan.

  • Element 1: What are your callings? What is calling you in 2013?
  • Element 2: What word will be the guiding compass for your 2013?
  • Element 3: What are your 4 goals for 2013: 1 goal per quarter in the areas of your life and/or career (labor of love).
  • Element 4: Which will be your top 3-5 mantras to live by? There may be statements you often say and behave on that don’t support a loving life. Be sure to include in this Element any of those statements that need to be transformed.

Change “What ever happens, happens” to “Life will unfold in beautiful ways.”
Change “I don’t have time to_________” to “I prepare and plan my schedule wisely and make time for what matters.”
Change “I will be okay” to “I will be great.”

Write the 4 Elements in your notebook in a horizontal or diagonal direction, dig into your mind and soul, write your 411 under each element and create away in life.

2013 Heart Beats Plan
Check out Luz’s example for your 2013 Heart Beats Plan!

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Pura Vida,

Lovely Gal Posh