This is it! Go Girl has officially launched our Indiegogo campaign to clench the last few funds that we need for our brand new, killer website.

We’re $5,000 away from a community of women that is ten times stronger, more passionate and more united than we have now.

Did you know that Go Girl currently has a readership of 6,000 women from 110 countries around the world — PER MONTH?

That means that if each of our monthly readers donated ONE U.S. DOLLAR, we would reach the funds that we need for our new site.

Each of you readers is a valued member of the Go Girl community, and our new website is going to give you so many opportunities to make your mark int he world and encourage other women to do the same. Yet this one time is when we are asking YOU to give back. Call it your “reader dues”. Call it your “subscription”. Call it a donation. Call it what you want — all we need from you is one dollar.

Give your dollar now — and help spread the voices of women around the world.

It is our duty to ensure that women’s voices are heard. If we won’t fight for them, who will? If we don’t encourage women to get out there, travel and experience the world, who will?

I spent an entire Saturday working on a six-minute video for you all to watch. Check it out here:

And if it inspires you to give and make a difference for women around the globe,


(Indiegogo takes both credit cards and PayPal so you have no excuse)!

Got no money but wanna help the cause?

  • Share this article on Facebook and Twitter as often as you can until our deadline, March 1st.
  • Encourage your family and friends to donate in your honor, or in the honor of another adventurous, independent woman they know and love
  • Add your own video response to the question, “What is a Go Girl?”, on our YouTube page.

Thanks for being a valued reader. I can’t wait to show you what Go Girl will become in 2013, and look forward to sharing the ride.


Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Go Girl