Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us.

It’s time to start making your gifting checklist for the women travelers in your life (which may or may not include yourself). Whether you’re in #treatyoself mode or perusing options for that special travelista in your life, there’s no better time than now.

Wondering what to get your sister who travels with her family of four? Do you have a burnt-out coworker who could use a bit of travel inspo? Or what about your best friend and her solo adventures? No matter who you’re gifting for, we’ve got you covered — plus you can support Wanderful by clicking the Amazon links below and buying from there, too (see disclosure here)!

Here’s what to get for that traveling woman in your life who’s a(n)…

Outdoorsy Lady

Sea to Summit Sleeping Bag Liner (from $59.95)


This 70% cotton/30% silk liner is great as a hygienic travel sheet that is not only lightweight and super compact, but also helps you stay even warmer in your sleeping bag. Say goodbye to those freezing cold, teeth-chattering camping nights.

Wanderful social media intern Lavi (that’s her above) used this as a sheet liner in her hostel near the salt flats of Bolivia, and it helped her stay warm while camping in Torres del Paine, Chile. “In Tikal, Guatemala I camped and didn’t have a sleeping bag but it was so warm so I could just sleep with that.” Lavi loves it!

PackTowl (from $5.25)

c/o PackTowl

This best-selling, ultra-light pack towel is a favorite among Peace Corps volunteers, campers, and anyone who doesn’t want to waste precious luggage space with heavy towels. There’s even a style for everyone: Original, Luxe, Personal, Ultralite, Nano, and (drumroll) RobeTowl!

The Robetowl is my personal favorite, as it doubles as a towel and a robe in one. No matter where you are, you can wrap yourself up in a luxurious robe that will dry you off quickly. Can you say GLAMping?

Pensive Nomad

The Little Black Travel Journal (from $2.22)

c/o Peter Pauper Press

There’s often so much going on in our travels that we lose track of time and don’t record as many memories as we’d like. Wanderful member Astrid Emel recommended this notebook to help with just that.

Here’s what she has to say about it: “I have three. I buy one per trip and decorate with stickers I buy on location :).”

This isn’t your typical notebook. This journal is loaded with handy tips for writing about your journeys, and each page has prompts to make it easier to remember and organize the unique details of your experiences. Use the planning pages for your packing checklists and travel tips. This must-have journal’s reference pages even have everything from places to keep itinerary details to time zones and currencies.

Wanderful Member Kristy Pearson says that a notebook is also useful for “writing an address down (even if I don’t speak the language, if I can hand someone an address I can usually get directions or a hand-drawn map).”

BRB, ordering one now.

Lokai Bracelet ($23)

The Lokai Bracelet will remind your loved one to stay centered with all of the ups and downs that come with traveling (literally): The bracelet’s black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, and its white bead holds water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth.

The Lokai Bracelet’s design is symbolic of the rollercoaster ride we can experience when we travel, and it reminds us to stay hopeful and balanced. It’s also for a great cause — 10% of profits from your purchase will go toward charitable alliances within the Lokai circle! Wanderful blogger relationships manager Marissa is a proud owner.

Globally Minded Woman

Wanderful Global Membership ($69/year)


What’s the best gift for an inspiring woman traveler? Access to a connected sisterhood of women just like her all around the world. Whether she’s a digital nomad looking to make new friends on her adventures, or a weekend warrior tacking adventures onto her business trips, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

A Wanderful global membership gives you access to our exclusive, identity-verified homesharing network of women around the globe; special members-only rates at chapter events in 22 cities worldwide, the option to join our exciting group trips and experiences (next year it’s New Orleans and Zambia/Botswana); a discount to the Women in Travel Summit; deals with some of our favorite travel partners; and more rad perks to come.

To start gifting, go to and select “Is this a gift?” on the checkout page. Keep in mind that you must be at least a free member first in order to buy a global membership for that dame traveler. Plus, our founder Beth Says that prices will increase in January, so now is a great time to lock yourself in at this annual rate!

Ticket to the Women in Travel Summit (from $249)


The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) by Wanderful is the premier event for women travel influencers, creators, and brands. Connect with 500 other innovative women, get inspired to go on an adventure, learn how to take your blog to the next level, network, and make new friends and memories. Whether you’re looking for solo travel tips, trying to start a blog, or are a professional blogger or influencer wanting to connect with brands, WITS has something for everyone.

Our fourth annual summit will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 21-23 April, 2017 at the beautiful Hilton Milwaukee City Center. Join us!

Help Launch a Female Entrepreneur in a Developing Economy with Womentum (from $5)


Do you know a traveler who already has everything? Honor her by giving forward to a female entrepreneur in a developing economy through microlending platform Womentum.

We say “giving forward” rather than “giving back” because the women who receive donations through this platform will later pay it forward to another female entrepreneur in their local community, so a gift as small as even $5 will continue to empower others long after that first investment. Plus, you can track their progress along the way.

Who knew $5 could do so much?

Ready-for-Anything Wandress

Diva Cup (from $20)

The last thing we want to worry about is having to rush to a convenience store to buy pads or tampons while on our travels. That’s where the Diva Cup comes in.

It’s a reusable, washable, silicone cup that’s a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional products. My favorite thing about Diva Cups is that they only need to be changed once every 12 hours.

Instead of paying every month for pads and tampons, the DivaCup is really an investment that will end up saving you money in the long run. See some of our past reviews of the DivaCup including 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Diva Cup and Using a Menstrual Cup As a Fat and/or Queer Person.

Inventive Travelware Luggage Tags and Straps (from $4.50)

c/o Inventive Travelware

Wanderful member Mona Hines raved about Inventive Travelwear: “I received this ‘Not Your Bag!’ luggage strap as a Christmas present years ago, and still it is the best present I have ever received! I can spot my bag a mile away on the luggage carousel. It’s the feeling of relief that my bag has made it to my destination.”

Grab a “Queen of the Road” luggage tag for your loved one and they’ll pick up their luggage with a smile!

The Travel Bra (from $59.95)

How many times have you stashed money or a passport down your bra while traveling? If you’re like us, it’s probably too many times to count. That’s why our Aussie friends at The Travel Bra have designed the latest packing list essential.

The Travel Bra is even comfortable enough to sleep in, so you won’t have to worry about an opportunistic passenger stealing your cash while you’re sleeping on the plane or train.

Instead of leaving your valuables in your hostel lockbox, stash them in the bra’s hidden jewelry pocket. Instead of wearing a money belt, store cash or your passport in the bra’s drop-down pocket. Never has a bra made us feel more secure!

Mophie Juice Pack (from $19.99)

c/o Mophie

This was #1 on the list of things Wanderful’s global community manager Mary Clare doesn’t travel without.

Here’s what she had to say about it: “It’s a tiny battery pack you carry with you and can carry from two to [up to] eight additional charges. Since I use my phone as a communications device, GPS, camera, and iPod, I always need more battery when I travel and can’t always be guaranteed of finding a power outlet.”

Mophie makes different “juice packs” like the H2PRO, which is waterproof and provides more than 100% extra battery for your iPhone.

Whether you’re hunting for fun or functional (or both), these gifts for travelers are bound to have you inspired for the passionate, adventurous globetrotter in your life (bonus points if that’s you!).

All prices USD.

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