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Score a killer hotel deal with our newest partner, HotelStorm!

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for a great hotel deal. When I need to stay in a hotel, I’m often on five different websites at once — and it often takes me forever to make a decision!

It’s why I’m excited to share something new that’s EXCLUSIVE to the Wanderful community. Starting today, our community has been given special access to our own hotel booking page on HotelStorm, which provides some of the best hotel deals I’ve seen to date —  between 10% and 50% at any given time.

When HotelStorm first contacted me, I couldn’t resist working with them. When I find companies that I believe in, I try to help them out — and I think you guys will enjoy seeing what they’re up to.

To be clear: This is not a sponsored post, and we do not make any money based on your hotel bookings (or anything else).

A sample of the deals available exclusively to Wanderful members.

A sample of the deals available exclusively to Wanderful members.

We are literally sharing this because we love you and want to give you something special as a member of the Wanderful community (whether you’re pro or not)! For this reason, we ask you to not share this information widely as these rates have been negotiated just for the Wanderful community.

All Wanderful members have access — sign up now to join!

To check out HotelStorm, click here and input our unique Wanderful password to access our special deals.


Want a free hotel stay? Read below.

Through the end of November, we’re offering all of our Wanderful women a chance to win a $500 HotelStorm credit, just by visiting the website. If you sign up by clicking here you get entered into a lottery. If you make an actual hotel booking on the site, you will get an additional entry.

At the end of November we will pick a winner randomly.

Want to share your expertise?

Since you are all travel experts, we wanted to ask one more thing. If you have feedback to offer about the site please fill out this survey. They’re constantly going to try to improve the experience so your insight is incredibly valuable.

Of course, you can also directly reach out to Shruti Challa the GM at HotelStorm. Her email is

We hope you enjoy this new perk as a special thanks for being a Wanderful woman!

Beth Santos
Beth is the founder and CEO of Wanderful, which she developed while riding through the streets of São Tomé and Príncipe on her blue Yamaha motorcycle. She is the creator of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit and has been recognized in Business Insider as one of 17 travel industry changemakers, as one of BostInno's 50 on Fire, and as one of TimeOut's 10 people changing a better Boston.

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  1. The sample prices referenced in your article that can be attained by using HotelStorm are much higher than a simple search. Obviously the timing of the search can greatly effect rates, however, even the “normal” (pre-discount) prices shown (for HotelStorm) in your article are twice as high the “normal” prices shown on Raising prices to insinuate there is a discount doesn’t constitute a great deal….it constitutes fraud!!

  2. We used Hotelstorm to book the hotel last December and are very disappointed. Hotelstorm listed price is a little lower than but the fee and tax are ridiculous high. We ended up paying $100 more per night than price. It is fraud!!!

  3. Hidden fees! Be aware!

  4. I like the way you have expressed your views. With such great knowledge comes a great mind. It has always been great to read about best hotels but your one was one of the best I have read till date.

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