Ready to build your dream career? Learn how to be a travel influencer in this course taught by travel influencer expert Netanya Trimboli, sharing tips and professional tactics to land your dream gig!

So your blog is live and your social media channels have a strong feed. Your community is taking notice and engaging with your content.

Then, reality sinks in: You need to make money!

While there are many ways for creators to monetize their work, the one I want you to excel at is brand collaborations.

Wait, what are brand collaborations?

Travel influencers and brands can work together to accomplish multiple goals.

As a travel influencer, partnering with brands helps you with many things, including:

  • Giving your site credibility
  • Inspiring fresh, new content
  • Increasing traffic to your site as a result of the brand also promoting and sharing your content
  • Getting a payday!

Brands benefit from travel influencer collaborations because they reach an interested audience through a trusted voice.

Working with travel influencers allows brands to showcase products and services in a more authentic way.

By bringing in a travel influencer, brands can successfully show off without seeming overly salesy.

And you can be that travel influencer!

The Evolution of Brand Collaborations

Back when travel blogging was a new thing, brand collaborations were very casual and transactional. It typically worked like an exchange.

Think: “I’ll try your product, then write about it.”

But that won’t cut in anymore, especially now that budgets are tighter and expectations are higher.

However, many of even the most seasoned travel influencers are still stuck in the old way of doing things!

If you want to wow brands and deliver real results as a travel influencer, then you really need to understand the other side of this partnership.

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How to Be a Travel Influencer (Successfully!)

In my course, Mastering the Influencer + Brand Collaboration Lifecycle, we’ll tap into your clients’ world to better understand their challenges, motivators, and how to speak their language.

The influencer game is changing and the bar is being raised. Whether you’ve been doing this for years or are just getting started, this course will help you rise to the new standard and become a sought-after business partner.

Learn to step up your strategic thinking and deliver a professional-looking pitch and proposal.

You will definitely stand out from the sea of influencers, no matter the size of your following!

You’ll then learn how to write business-savvy communication pieces that will get your prospects’ attention, while packing more value into your collaborations.

Most influencers are not doing what is addressed in the course, but it’s what any brand would love to see.

You can be the one to exceed expectations and change what it means to be a travel influencer!

In this course, we’ll cover:

  • Marketing & PR basics to better understand your prospects’ world
  • How to pitch effectively via a 2-phase process
  • 16 value-adds that brands love
  • How to write a proposal
  • Creating wow-factor campaign reports
  • Relationship management techniques to win repeat business

Meet the Travel Influencer Course Teacher

Netanya Trimboli travel influencer expert

I’m Netanya Trimboli, Wanderful Travel Influencer Expert and Media Network Lead for Impact Travel Alliance.

I’ve been working with travel influencers since 2013. As an early adopter who recognized and believed in influencers’ value, I’ve led hundreds of collaborations.

I also co-founded the Study Abroad & Global Citizenship Influencer Summit, an invite-only event for top influencers with its roots at the White House.

I’ve won multiple awards for these achievements, and I’ve been invited to share my perspective at the United Nations, SXSW, and more.

This course is based on hundreds of collaborations I’ve led over the past 7+ years. It’s the ultimate wish list of what I’d love to see offered by more of the influencer community.

As we move past these challenging times, brands want confidence in your ability, value for their money, and deliverables that reflect their business objectives.

Show them you are more than the sum of your following. Show them you are a strategic business partner. Give them something other influencers aren’t.

Not sure how to do that? I can show you how.

Check out my course to get started:

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