Have you considered traveling to Brazil? If you’re a soccer aficionado, you surely should come to the country where the World Cup will take place this year! Before buying your tickets right away though, make sure to know whether you need a visa or not. If you do need one, follow these steps to have your visa issued in time! And don’t forget to have a great time in Brazil!

1. Do you need a visa?

Click here to see if you need a Brazilian visa. If you do need one, take a look to find the closest Brazilian consulate near you in order to get your visa issued. Click here to check the addresses for the Brazilian consulate. Due to reciprocity principles, US and Canadian citizens need a tourist visa to enter Brazil.

If you don’t need a visa, take a look at the validity of your passport. Also, to enter as  a tourist, you can stay in Brazil for a period of 90 days. Depending on your nationality, you can extend your stay for a period longer than that. But, again, that varies from nationality to nationality.

Brazil’s Visa policy. Source: Wikipedia

2. Which documents should you present?

The documentation varies from country to country, but the most common documents are:

— Valid Passport with at least 2 blank pages
— Visa Application form (downloadable at the Consulate’s website)
— One passport photo
— Copy of driver’s license or any proof of address within the jurisdiction
— Copy of travel itinerary
— Invitation letter
— Immunization certificate (depending on the place you’re visiting)

If the applicant is a minor, he/she MUST send the filled authorization form, signed by both parents. Both signatures MUST be publicly notarized. A copy of each parents’ State ID, Drivers License or passport MUST be added to the visa application papers. Find the authorization form here.

3. Be prepared to show further supporting documents.

The Brazilian Consulate can demand further documents in order to accept or deny your visa application. So be prepared in case they ask you for more supporting documentation, that’s why it’s better to ask for a visa well in advance.

4. How long does it take to have a visa issued?

It takes time to process a visa application. Be sure to plan your visa application in advance. After all application requirements are met, the processing time is approximately:

— Three (3) working days, if you applied in person;
— Fifteen (15) working days, if you applied by mail; and
— Ten (10) working days, if you applied through a travel or visa agency

5. How much does a Brazilian visa cost?

The cost varies from country to country due to reciprocity principles. Click here to find out how much it costs for you.

A Brazilian Federal Police stamp. Source: Wikipedia

Do you have further questions? Please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you out! Or check out Brazilian Ministry of External Relations.