I’m heeeeere in Tampa, Florida and LOVING IT! The weather has been really nice, sunny, and blazing hot. I have trekked the Clearwater beach and waded in its beautiful water. I am in love. I have been down here since Tuesday and don’t think I’m going to leave. There are so many different sites to see and great places to eat. Whenever you’re in Florida, please check out these hot spots!! They are so tasty!
Attributed to JeanBowe

Algusto Fine Mexican Cuisine www.algustomexicanrestaurant.com – (813) 250-3500

Trang Viet Cuisine (813) 979-1464

Angithi Indian Cuisine angithirestaurant.com – (813) 979-4889

Mise En Place Restaurant miseonline.com – (813) 254-5373

Grassroot Organic Restaurant www.thegrassrootlife.com – (813) 221-7668

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