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An Important Message from Wanderful

At Wanderful, we firmly believe in the importance of empowering women to travel the world. Our members span all corners of the earth – from Brazil to Pakistan, Thailand to Mexico, Kenya to the USA, and beyond. What makes this community so exquisitely unique is its global diversity, paired with its immutable empathy.
This is why, in light of recent events in the US government and around the world – events that have a great effect on our global siblings – we feel the need to reiterate the values that we stand for here at Wanderful: sisterhood, integrity, compassion, community, collaboration, innovation, honesty, and intersectionality.
Our community was made for all women around the world, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, background, ability, class, or perspective. Our members fully support one another and we do not tolerate anything less.
To our Muslim, Black, brown, queer, transgender, and differently abled sisters – and to all our other sisters around the world who have ever borne the pain of anything less than the love that you deserve – we celebrate you, we welcome you, we hold space for you, and we want you here with us. Participate in our discussions, join our membership, attend events in our global chapters. No matter if you’re a traveler, resident, refugee, expat, or immigrant – you belong.
We hope that you believe in the world that we do – a world of global connectedness, mutual understanding, honest and productive dialogue, and uninterrupted peace for humans everywhere.
The Wanderful team
Wanderful Team
We are the Wanderful Team, helping connect women travelers everywhere. Join our international membership community of globally-minded women to connect, learn, share, and celebrate! Visit

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