Wanderful is so excited to announce the launch of our first two TRIPS for women travelers this year! Join us this year for amazing travel experiences with some new girlfriends or save up for our excursions next year. You don’t want to miss them.

Our trip partners are the amazing Unearth the World and WHOA Travel, both run by incredible female entrepreneurs that regularly astound us with their hard work and unending passion for inspired travel.

Here are some details on each trip:

Wanderful + Unearth the World Trip to Peru

Volunteering in Lima, Peru with Unearth the World

Join Wanderful and Unearth the World this September exploring the beautiful, historic and vibrant country of Peru! This amazing opportunity is full of social impact, genuine cultural exchange, delicious Peruvian cuisine and exploration of the thriving city of Lima!

Volunteering in Lima, Peru with Unearth the World

This trip will begin with a 5-day cultural immersion in a small community outside of Lima. The group will volunteer with a local nonprofit, get involved in special programs and engage in important conversations on developmental issues. The adventure concludes with 3 days in Lima full of activities, sites and delicious meals.

Trip highlights:

  • Volunteering at local program that works to promote female empowerment and education
  • Opportunity to stay in a homestay or volunteer house in an authentic Peruvian town
  • Inclusive of 7 nights of accommodations and 17 meals
  • Chance to taste your way through the “culinary capital of South America” with meals at Panchita and La Lucha
  • 3 days full of sites and activities in the bustling and modern city of Lima

Volunteering in Lima, Peru with Unearth the World

Dates: August 28 – September 6
Price range: $1750 | $1650 for Wanderful pro members (not including flight)
Spots available: 8 (4 in volunteer house and 4 in homestay)
To sign up: email info@unearththeworld.com

Wanderful + WHOA Travel Costa Rica Escape


Photo courtesy of rainforestreefescape.com

Pack your bags and get ready to escape in the most pristine and vibrant part of Costa Rica for the WHOA travel + Wanderful inaugural adventure! This exciting 7-day rainforest escape is on the Osa Peninsula where we will swim in the warm Pacific waves, hike verdant trails, see abundant wildlife, wake up to yoga at our very own Eco lodge, and a whole lot more! We will get to experience firsthand why National Geographic Magazine calls the Osa “the most biologically intense place on earth”.
Photo courtesy of rainforestreefescape.com

Trip highlights:

  • Tucked away in the southern pacific zone, the Osa is the number one place in the country to experience everything Costa Rica has to offer.
  • The Osa Peninsula has become the premier eco-tourism destination in the country. No other place compares to the biodiversity found here.
  • In the Osa, you will see everything from four species of monkeys (Howler, Spider, White Face Capuchin and Squirrel monkeys) as well as many endangered species such as forests cats (Jaguars, Pumas, Ocelots), turtles and various species of amphibians and reptiles
  • Yoga will be a part of our daily itinerary. Combine that with hiking, rain forests, wildlife, waves, and sunshine and this really is the perfect escape.
See you there!
Photo courtesy of rainforestreefescape.com
Dates: January 16-23, 2016
Price: $2,050 | $1,975 for Wanderful pro members (not including flight)
Spots Available: 14