Go Girl Travel Network is proud to announce the launch of our 15th global chapter! The Go Girls of Denver are environmentally minded, strong willed, active women with goals and dreams as wide open as our landscape. Come join us as we explore the outdoor majesty of the west, the Rockies and the emerging arts and foodie scene of Denver!

Go Girls of Denver announcement


Meet the organizers:

Vanessa DayVanessa Day

A traveler since birth, Vanessa took her first trip at the ripe age of one, and the travel bug has been with her ever since. She has visited nearly 30 countries, and there are many more on her bucket list. Born and raised in Denver, she left the state for college and spent 10 wonderful years in the Midwest before deciding to return to her home town. She is excited to share the Go Girl experience with the women of the Mile High City, and continue to grow this great community.

Jennifer ZivicJennifer Zivic

Jennifer has spent over 19 years in the consumer products industry working on fun brands like Barbie, Jeep, Sesame Street, Hershey’s and Budweiser. Her expertise is Marketing/Branding, Sales/Retail and Licensing. Jennifer also has an MBA plus teaching and speaking experience at various universities in New York. She now lives in Denver where she plans to expand her adventure travel blog and brand building business for entrepreneurs, Boutique Hotels and B&B owners.

Most notably she may be known for her outdoor mountaineering experiences that have raised over $65,000 for the Brain Tumor Foundation tying in career interests & personal passions while starting on her quest for the 7 summits or as she likes to say the 6 1/2 summits!


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