It’s December 1st, and if you’re anything like us, you’re scrambling to get your holiday shopping done (or maybe you’re just sitting back and procrastinating — either way, we support you!).

But what to get for the globetrotter in your life?

Introducing the 2012 Go Girl Holiday Gift Guide, our third annual guide and one of our proudest accomplishments. Check out our suggestions below for things highly recommended by our Go Girls.

But wait — there’s more!

Use the comments section below to share your own top gifts for the traveling woman and be entered to win some awesome prizes! Our friends at Uncommon Goods are offering a couple of really amazing prizes for the best suggestions. THE CONTEST STARTS NOW AND ENDS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15TH!

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And now, Go Girl’s top holiday picks!

Go Girl’s new “Woman of the World” t-shirt, $15!

Limited Edition “Woman of the World” T-Shirt: Go Girl Team

Ready to show yourself as a woman of the world? Preorder your LIMITED EDITION 2013 “Woman of the World” women’s t-shirt. American Apparel women’s cut t-shirt in sangria. At only $15, it’s a steal. Buy one for yourself and every other powerful, independent woman you know! We’re only selling 100 of these, so get them while they last!


Hands-free umbrella from Rohan, US $80

Hands-Free Umbrella: Kate

This umbrella does exactly what its name suggests; when attached securely to your rucksack with bungee cords (included in purchase), the wet weather traveller will find that a whole host of previously impossible tasks can now be completed easily with the use of both hands. For instance, if your shoelace should happen to have come untied and has begun dragging in the mud, re-tying it would be practically unthinkable if you’re lumbered with an umbrella to hold, but with this invention, you’re free to rectify the problem while keeping dry, brilliant! The umbrella comes with a mesh-sided carrying sleeve that helps to speed up drying time when rolled.

Heys luggage from, various prices


Spinner luggage set: Beth

You know what? You haven’t lived until you’ve had luggage on four wheels. I didn’t realize the difference it would make until I got my first spinner suitcase, and let me tell you — my life changed. Suddenly, traveling is a breeze. 20 kilos/45 pounds are like feathers. I can walk to the airport with almost no hands. Macy’s has some great options, but really any kind works. Do it, and don’t struggle with luggage again!

Ortlieb Bike Bag, US $90


Ortlieb Bike Bag: Margaret

Do you live on your bike? A bike bag is a great way to keep all of your important items safely stowed while you’re riding. Ortlieb has a great selection of bike bags. Check out their geographic collection, which shows countries and continents on brightly colored bags.




Solar Phone Charger from, US $27.99

Solar Phone Charger: Erica

I’m not a huge fan of cell phones, but there are times when they’re dead useful and…well, dead, with no wall sockets nearby to recharge them. A solar-powered cell phone charger is a great solution to this dilemma, especially when in the sunny wilds of Colorado.



Jewelry with Inspiration for your life voyage by Lovely Gal Posh

Jewelry with Inspiration for Your Life Voyage by Lovely Gal Posh: Luz

Adorn your lovely being with a beautiful handmade copper tone toggle necklace that for a Go Girl comes with a complementary pair of earrings and a bonus “Life Voyage Mini Activity Post Card” to inspire and carve your 2013 Life Voyage.


Give-N-Go Lacy Thong from REI: US $20




ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Thong: Erica

Extended travel would be so much easier if I could pack only one or two sets of clothes for hols of any length. While this isn’t a reality yet, the Ex-Offico line of knickers, thongs, and boyshorts would mean I can (hygienically!) travel for weeks with only two sets of underwear and access to soap. This is an extra-convenient idea when traveling with limited packing space, such as when I’m backpacking.



Compression 20 waterproof bag by Rohan, US $37

Compression 20 Waterproof Bag: Kate

This large waterproof bag is designed to keep your travelling gear dry and dust-free, and for those of you who know what an unpleasant aroma damp clothes have, or have experienced the embarrassing itch of dust in your underwear, then this is the product for you. It can carry a range of folded clothing or a sleeping bag and works well as a waterproof rucksack liner, too. It’s tough, durable, completely waterproof and has a clear front viewing panel. Smaller size are also available, but do beware, vacuum packing can be highly addictive and once you’ve done it once, you’ll be wanting to suck the air out of everything!


Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug: Beth

Hot Rod heated travel mug from, US $24.99

Have you ever had a long trip to work, only to find that the delicious coffee you brought from home is cold already? No matter how far your travels, nothing beats a gadget that makes them more enjoyable. ThinkGeek’s Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug plugs directly into your car to keep your drink toasty, and even has an old-style temperature gauge that keeps you looking spiffy while you’re on the road. What more could you ask for?


Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent from, US $44

Two-person tent: Margaret

If you’re outdoorsy, there’s nothing like a good two-person tent to give you free range in Mother Nature’s homeland. Check out the Coleman Sundome 2-Person tent for an inexpensive and functional tent that you can pack up and bring with you anywhere.


Custom storybook, various prices




A Personal Story by Blurb: Luz

This is a special gift to be loved for a lifetime. Create a beautiful customized life story book for a loved one for the holidays, in three easy steps.



Chacos Yampa Sandal, US $100

Chacos: Erica

A new pair of my favourite shoes: Chacos. Sturdy, comfortable, and incredibly durable, they last for years and are good in pretty much any environment. ‘Nuff said.




Ready for some prizes? Share your favorite gifts for travelers in the comment space below by December 15th and be entered to win some awesome prizes from our friends at Uncommon Goods!




Runner-up Prize: Care Journal

Caring – for others, for the quality of your work, for making a difference – is one of the greatest gifts you give to the world. Don’t be afraid to reflect on your compassion, your hopes and what you learn from interacting with others.

Friends, doctors, mothers, nurses, caregivers or volunteers will treasure reflecting on their days in the pages of this journal, filled with over 100 heart-warming and inspirational quotations. Hardcover journal with 224 blank pages. One quote per spread.




Grand Prize: Picnic Backpack

This sleek picnic backpack makes it easy for two to dine alfresco. The secure sling-style strap is designed for comfort during those treks to the ideal lunch location, while cleverly designed pockets hold everything you need. An exterior pocket secures the included complete place settings for two – plates, utensils, cups and napkins, along with a wine key – and the large interior pocket is insulated to keep your meal tasty and your wine chilled. A cell phone pocket on the strap and an outer mesh pocket provide spots to stash all other necessary items. Bon appetit!




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