The first Moving Forward event for the travel industry helped open up a dialogue for actionable solutions.

So, what do we do next?

After openly talking about the problems our industry is facing, the rest of the year (and our lifetimes) is about creating solutions.

Our challenge to travel creators and industry is this:

  1. Come up with 2-3 key priorities or actions that you intend to take over the next year.
  2. Write them down, share them with your team, make a commitment.
  3. Then join us at the next Anti-Racism Town Hall on October 17th to report on your progress.

What’s your commitment?

Share it on social using the hashtag #MoveTravelForward to hold yourself accountable. Let’s help each other make our industry better.

Looking for ideas?

Review the full notes from facilitators of the breakout sessions. Or you can review these key takeaways and apply them to your action plan.

Calls to Action from Black Creators

  1. Non-Black creator allies need to be willing to leave money on the table if a brand is not addressing anti-racism and/or diversifying their company, marketing materials, and partnerships.
  2. Industry representatives need to evaluate their company KPIs, proactively adjust their hiring processes, and ensure they hire diverse creators for partnerships.
    • PR reps should ask for feedback after every event and press trip. Ask questions specifically about racism and get input from your Black attendees.
  3. Being transparent about pay rates is vital to ensure equity.
  4. Travel is diverse, destinations are diverse — reflect that accurately in your images so we feel welcome.
  5. Collaborate. Share your platforms, grant access to your spaces, actively foster anti-racism in everything you do.

CTAs for Non-Black Creator Allies

  1. Do more research on every destination to include in content. Glossing over history, culture, and racism cannot be the status quo for creators.
    • Share links to BIPOC creators’ content to share diverse opinions about the same destination
    • Interview BIPOC travelers and locals to learn about their perspectives and experiences in that place.
    • Research and incorporate more journalistic behaviors into your content creation.
  2. Amplify Black voices:
    • Start an interview series on your social media channels to share their voices with your own audience
    • Actively support Black businesses and share those details with your followers
  3. Decolonize your language:
    • Learn about harmful language, both universally and destination-specific
    • Take courses, do research, and self-edit.
  4. Conduct an audit:
    • Review your content for language, research, depth, and perspective.
      • What can you update and how?
      • How can you educate your audience as you yourself learn?
      • How can you continue to keep yourself accountable?
    • Consider adding a page to your website that shares your values
      • This allows potential brand/partners to see how you work before even starting negotiations
      • This keeps you accountable by making it publicly available
  5. Track your progress the way you track your SEO, your social media, your website stats, etc. This needs to be integrated into your business plan for long-term accountability.

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CTAs for Brands and Travel Industry Representatives

  1. Speak up:
    • Concerns identified included fear of retribution, hesitation over getting it wrong, struggling to make structural change, and more. But these cannot stop you from speaking up.
    • When you face a roadblock, make a case to your leadership team that doing better is good for business.
    • Back it up with data (Black US travelers putting $63B into the industry)
    • Build a roadmap for change. Start with the baseline today (use the Black Travel Alliance KPIs to get started), set goals, make plans.
  2. Immediate actions to take:
    • Audit social media channels and marketing materials: Where can the business diversify starting right now? This includes the whole spectrum of diversity.
      1. Do not tokenize. This is a structural shift, not a singular action that quickly fades in time.
    • Start reaching out to BIPOC creators. Don’t know any? Ask your white creators for introductions. Do the research. Put the calls out publicly and follow up.
    • Talk to leadership about replicating the Moving Forward Anti-Racism Town Hall event within the company
    • Have open, uncomfortable conversations with colleagues
  3. Travel does not exist in a vacuum. The industry impacts every community it touches, recognize that, continue to educate yourself and your company, and implement change.

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Identify your key actions to take and continue the work to prioritize them.

Keep yourself and your business accountable by using #MoveTravelForward on social media.

Register to join the next Moving Forward event in February 2021.

Ready to share your key actions? Let us know what you’re working on in the comments below.

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