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So girls, despite ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ flying off bookshelves the world over, our poll shows that many of us don’t even like the book let alone love it, and in fact some of us really hate it!

So when we got our hands on a copy of the coveted book, were we put off by the hype, annoyed by what it represented, or disappointed by the literary content?

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Whatever we think of the book and erotic fiction as a whole, the poll certainly got us talking about some interesting issues, and I guess if a book does nothing more than that, then it has at least in part fulfilled its’ bestseller status.

Now for this month’s poll, we’re asking how you feel about budget or low-cost airlines. If, like me, you’re thinking to yourself ‘well, why wouldn’t I love an airline that can get me to my destination at a price far lower than other airlines?’, then you may be surprised to know that there are a good number of people out there who would rather pay more for their flights.

If choosing a flight with a budget airline affords me more to spend when I arrive at my destination, then I can put up with a little less comfort during a flight. I don’t need a chair that reclines, overly attentive airline staff or a selection of onboard snacks and beverages that aren’t hideously overpriced, because I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m paying for what I get and I couldn’t give two hairy hoots if I arrive a little stiff and hungry.

However, having listened dutifully to the concerns of a good friend of mine as she pointed out how she and her partner had been treated no better than cattle as they were pushed and shoved onto the plane, and then had to suffer the indignity of not being offered a free beverage after take-off and being told in a manner that they didn’t appreciate, thank you very much, that their chairs weren’t broken and that they wouldn’t locate the recline lever no matter how hard they searched, I, at least, understood that not everybody shares my view.

It would be foolish to deny that flying with an airline that doesn’t advertise itself as a low-cost carrier has its perks, and I quite agree. You’re treated at a level that exceeds those of the budget airlines and there is even an element of glamour to it all. Never forget, however, that you’re paying for those glamorous perks. In my view, as long as I’m welcomed onboard, receive at least one smile from a member of the crew, and am made fully aware of the safety procedures, then I’m not really fussed. If low-cost airlines were to treat every passenger like royalty and indulge them in free food and drink then they wouldn’t be low cost airlines, as the whole point of making your flight as cheap as possible is that they offer a ‘no frills’ service.

So what about you, will you only ever fly with an airline that offers you as much luxury as you can afford, or do you pay the lowest price possible to get to your destination, forsaking any degree of luxury?

Let us know if you’re a lover or a loather of budget airlines by taking a few seconds to vote in our facebook poll!

Love them: I don’t need a ‘frill’ when I’m flying; forget glamour, it’s all about the price!

Loathe them: Some luxuries are worth paying for, I need a free gin and tonic and a chair that reclines!


Kate Blanchard
Kate is an English woman currently living in rural Morocco with her husband, Ben, and their mischievous mongrel, Douglas. They moved out there three years ago after Ben was offered employment as the manager of a large fruit farm, and although life can often be challenging for them both with cultural differences and language barriers, they see this as more of a reason to stay, than a reason to admit defeat and leave. Kate tries to find humour wherever possible in life, and finds herself blessed (or as her husband would say, ‘cursed’) with an irrepressible desire to see the beauty and the positivity in what others may see to be ugly and negative. Most of all though, she has a zest for travel and exploration and finds it incredibly satisfying to share her stories of adventure with others, even if it does nothing more than transport the reader to a distant land for a few minutes.

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