Last month’s poll has given us a clear cut winner; it would seem that most girls of the go variety prefer not to happen across reminders of home when they’re exploring new lands. But what about keeping fit while you’re away? This month’s poll asks whether you’re the type of traveller who always packs your gym kit, even if it means sacrificing space in your bag that you could have dedicated to a whole week’s worth of clean underwear.

Do you love to work out and know that even a weekend away from home without a spot of huffy puffy would leave you feeling blue and possibly spoil your trip?

Do you like working out while traveling? Photo from

It was while travelling that I first discovered the joys of the gym. I was touring the world with a fitness freak (and that’s the politest name I can find for him!) who assured me that a workout would make me feel better and might even enable me to get more from my travels, and he was right. We then went on to find gyms in most places that we visited, always looking for good deals on short-term memberships. They were great places for meeting people too — locals and fellow travellers alike — and I even worked out next to a particularly dishy Australian soap star in one Sydney gym. Now how’s that for an underwhelming claim to fame?

That said, if I was off for a romantic weekend away with my husband or even a fortnight in the sun with the girls, I think I would be quite happy to leave the gym kit at home and concentrate on finding other ways to feel good and enjoy myself.

So, do you hate leaving your gym kit behind when you travel and become crabby if you’re forced to deviate from your usual fitness routine? Or do you like to forget about the chore of regular exercise on your travels and look for other ways of releasing those endorphins?

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Love it: I always pack my gym kit — working out is a part of my life wherever I am in the world!
Loathe it: There’s no room in my travel bag for a gym kit — a work-out can wait!