[Matador Network] This home-sharing platform for women will change the way you travel

Solo female travel is one of travel’s most rapidly growing and increasingly influential demographics. But staying safe in new, unfamiliar places remains a valid concern, especially when booking accommodations through home-sharing networks like Airbnb or Couchsurfing. While these sites offer the opportunity for more localized, authentic, and generally cheaper travel experiences, staying in a stranger’s house in a strange city will still raise red flags for many women.

With that in mind, female-travel brand Wanderful has created its very own home-sharing digital platform, the first network of its kind specifically designed with women in mind. But it’s not all about safety precautions. Wanderful is equally about creating both real-world and digital spaces where women can meet and cultivate meaningful connections with other women around the world, and that mission extends to their home-sharing platform.

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Wanderful Team
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