Saar is an amazingly creative actress and director from Belgium.  She speaks four and a half languages (Dutch, English, French, Spanish and an understanding of German), rides a mean bicycle, and has a travel bug that is hard to kick. We a happy to introduce her as our May Go Girl of the Month!

I am a frolicking dromedary currently living in Antwerp, Belgium for two and a half years.

I spend my days working in a youth theatre, dreaming about owning my own bookshop someday, and discussing life with friends.  Check out her theatre’s website here.

Before I sat down to do this survey I was baking an apple crumble as appetizer for a women’s only book club meeting.

I am inspired by good conversations with friends.

I am passionate about theatre, books and traveling because they make me think about the profundity of the world around me.  Reading a book or acting in a show is like a mental vacation.

In my next life I want to come back as the minister of happiness in Bhutan.

For dinner I usually cook some vegetarian food- my favorite is vegetarian lasagna.

The last book I read was The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger.

As a kid I was loud, busy and boyish.

Where I am traveling to next is Georgia (think country, not state), with friends.  I have heard that the country is beautiful, so we are backpacking through one of the less touristic and not very well often visited European nations.

Dream travel destination is Stockholm.  My favorite city is Berlin and a good friend recommended Stockholm because of the similarities between the two.  Stockholm seems to be multicultural, ecologically minded, and the people seem lovely, friendly and very open minded.  More importantly, I have dreamed for years of visiting the northern European countries…

A Go Girl is a passionate, open-minded hedonist.