Each month we plan to feature one outstanding Go Girl and we are thrilled to have Dara Benno as our first Go Girl of the Month.  Follow along as we survey fascinating women around the world to celebrate the diversity that is Go Girl!


My name is Dara Benno

I am an artist currently living in Madrid, Spain for at least 1 year.

I spend my days with my teenage students, floating through a time warp of drama, hormones, and innocence, practicing my Spanish, and jotting down thoughts on any piece of paper I can find, leading to a pile of saved receipts, napkins, and envelopes on my desk.

Before I sat down to do this survey I was sprawled out in the grass writing letters.

I am inspired by stories, memory, feeling, new cities, and the concept of home.

I am passionate about creating- I can’t go too long without having a project to work on and be excited about.

My friends would describe me as an open minded, silly, adventurer, with an appreciation for a perfectly ripe tomato, and who sings her words quite often.

For dinner I usually cook a medley of vegetables.  Right now, I’m in a zucchini phase, and for dessert, what I’m pretty sure to be the most delicious mandarin oranges in the whole wide world, sold at a little fruit market in my neighborhood.

The last book I read was The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde.

As a kid I was convinced my stuffed animals came to life when I left the room.

In my next life, I want to come back as … I’m going to go with my gut and say zebra.  Although, it would be awesome to be a bird or a fish of some sort….such a hard question!

One thing I want to do in 2012 is backpack around Argentina.

My next travel destination is Morocco.

My dream travel destination is the moon!

A Go Girl is someone who isn’t afraid to just do what she wants and take the bull by its horns.  She is open minded and makes the most of whatever situation she finds herself in.