Thank goodness! I have somehow managed to get through the 10 hour coach journey from Arusha to Dar (from one side of Tanzania to the other). After arguing with a man who I thought was trying to run off with my luggage for about 15 minutes, me and my Friend Fran get in to one of the million taxis and head to a hotel for the night. Cant wait for the morning to get to Zanzibar!

Yawn…I get woken up at 6:30am by the guy working at the hotel. He has picked up our ferry tickets and its time to get going…so much for our lie in! But who cares, were in colourful beautiful Africa!

On the ferry to Zanzibar and I have never been on a boat quite so rocky as this one, left-right, left-right my stomach is doing summersaults and its lucky I don’t get seasick. After we hit dry land and manage to get a taxi that isn’t a ridiculous price yayyyy were on our way to Nungwi beach (one of the best beaches of Zanzibar island and a backpacker hotspot). I can hear cocktails and the white squeaky sand calling my name!

Wow, so this is Nungwi…its amazing, I couldn’t even take off my sunglasses, the sand was so white and the water so terquoise, it was almost blinding me! Straight to the hotel to wack on our bikinis, we need to get some serious tannage!

Nungwi beach...need i say more???!

This is the most friendly place I have ever been, all day locals are coming up to us for a chat, genuinely nice people and its so relaxed here…I think I’m in paradise and I can totally understand why so many of our volunteers at The Leap come here. We make a friend called Eriki on our first day, he grew up in Arusha and now lives in his ‘shop’ near the beach (its actually a tiny shack with a bit of foam he sleeps on)! He tought us to make ash trays out of a coconut and is going to take us to local bars and restaurants whilst were on the island.

My friend Fran, with Eriki our Zanzibari guide!

The first night there is a huge beach party at Kendwa (a beach about 20 minutes away) so we go with our new friend Eriki and its so much fun…I love the African music and we dance the night away until about 3 in the morning….when we suddenly seem to think it’s a good idea to walk home down the beach….and the tide turned out to be really high so we end up walking through what looked like the bloody bush which was quite an experience! Anyhoo, time for bed now, more antics to come in a couple of days…..