Another stunning day on Zanzibar island. It’s so hot today — about 36 degrees I think — and the sea is so warm it’s like getting in a bubble bath…not very cooling but still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! After cooking in the sun for a good few hours we decide to take cover at a local restaurant for lunch which makes their own pizza…..amazing!

On our way up to Eric’s shop everyone wants to stop and chat as they’re so chilled and it  ends up taking us about half an hour to do a five minute journey. The local attitude here is ‘Polle Polle’ which is Swahili for “Slowly Slowly”… I could get used to this lifestyle. Fran and I have managed to pick up quite a few Swahili words so far, which is great!

We’re heading out with some of our new friends tonight to a local bar, so we go back to our room to get ready and find there’s a green lizard running around the walls! It’s so cute and I’m just grateful it wasn’t a spider…we saw some spiders at the turtle sanctuary the other day (where we held the sea turtles in our hands) and there were some spiders in the tree as big as my head!!

At the turtle sanctuary!

Eriki and his friends arrive to take us to the local bar….which it turns out has no power (there’s a big problem with electricity in Zanzibar as it’s expensive and the systems aren’t that great). But as if out of nowhere in a jiffy some African dude turns up in his car, he jumps out, opens up the boot where he has some sort of boom box and some crates of beer and we all take to dancing in the street instead and no one bats and eyelid!

I’ve been in Tanzania and Zanzibar for 10 days now and it’s almost time to go home…I really don’t want to go and I’m so jealous of our volunteers who get to stay our there for longer! I’ve got a 24-hour journey home tomorrow but I’ll be back, you can count on that!

Until next time!

Michaela x