Attributed to: Wonderlane

Over four years ago I embarked on one of the most life changing endeavors of my life…I studied abroad. This was actually my first time ever traveling very far without any friends or family. I hadn’t experienced anything like this before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I searched and searched for tips and advice on what to take with me on my journey, but, as luck would have it, I still overlooked and procrastinated on some very important things… Let’s take a look.

1.  Passport

  • Please, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT wait until the last minute to get this… As laws have changed, it may take a little longer to obtain.

2.  Visa

  • I traveled almost 5 hours the week before just to get this visa. I know, I procrastinated until the last minute. Don’t be like me and spend your entire birthday in a waiting room. That leads me to my next statement, never leave to study abroad the day after your birthday! You have a zillion things to do beforehand that take a lot of time and effort.

3.  Positive Attitude

  • The first day I was there…I was terrified to eat the food. I survived off of sour patch kids for an entire weekend… not healthy.

4.  Host family’s telephone number

  • This one is quite scary! I flew into town, and when it was time to call my host mother, I was missing the last digit! Thank God the girl from school was there, we stayed at her friend’s.

5.  Dictionary

  • Whichever country you plan on going to, make sure you have your dictionary handy. I absolutely forgot mine and had to buy one (which was expensive) while I was there.

6.  Safety

  • I was just chatting and hanging out with my friends when a huge scorpion bit me, numbing my entire right arm. Make sure you know your environment…  Also, if the city officials give you a list of fruits not to eat, please, don’t eat them… as they may be hazardous to your health (I ate a strawberry that made me incredibly sick)!

Overall, despite the scorpion bite (OUCH!) I was quite alright and had an enjoyable stay. I hope you are able to take my crazy experiences, do something different, and make yours a more enjoyable journey… Bon voyage!